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  • Guerlain Skincare

    Just wondering if anyone tried Guerlain whitening range of skincare products? Anyone tried their whitening serum? its ard $117 for 30ml. Any comments? Thanks

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    Guerlain Eye Care Range

    Anyone tried and tested their eye care products before?

    For dark circles and fatigue?Issima Eye Mythic Gel (shown on left)
    ? Moisturizes.
    ? Decongests, reducing puffiness and dark circles.
    ? Smoothes the skin and eliminates signs of fatigue.
    ? Soothes, relaxes, and refreshes.
    ? Recommended for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
    ? Use each morning and evening.
    ? 1/2-ounce tube.

    For skin showing signs of age?Eyes?rum (shown in middle)
    ? Moisturizes.
    ? Minimizes lines and wrinkles.
    ? Decongests, reducing puffiness.
    ? Soothes and calms.
    ? Fights against signs of premature aging by protecting against free radicals.
    ? Recommended for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
    ? Use each morning and evening.
    ? 1/2 ounce.

    For twice-a-week use for skin showing signs of age?Beautyssime A Smoothing Hydrogel Eye Contour Patches (not shown)
    ? An immediate smoothing action on wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.
    ? Revitalizes and promotes radiance.
    ? Reduces puffiness, signs of fatigue, and dark circles.
    ? Preserves the skin's elasticity and softness.
    ? Use twice a week.
    ? 10 sachets, with one patch for each eye per set.


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      i tried their issima whitening concentrate, still prefer sk2 whitening source over it as the latter gives me instant results. HTHs!


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        my mum used to their loyal customer for about 10years. then one day the products just didnt work. she got melanin and guerlain cant help her. i never tried their skincare but believe they contain alcohol and isnt good for sensitive skin.

        their products are targetted at women above 50 years old i think so most stuff are quite rich.


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          Originally posted by Helethea

          their products are targetted at women above 50 years old i think so most stuff are quite rich.
          well, i beg to differ as there are certain products suitable for younger skin types. like their happlogy range?


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            think u're right. it been 3 years since i touch guerlain stuff.


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              I've been using their SOS Serum for 1.5 yrs & I'm quite happy with it. It really calms & soothes my skin when it's irritated & red. However, the Biotherm Biosensitive AntiRedness serum produces a similar effect - but I don't think this is available in Singapore yet.


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                girls, you all would have to try their sunblock! it really good and i like the fact that it has high SPF protection 40 SPF!! my favourite product!!


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                  Where are the Guerlain counters in town? I want to get their sunscreen but its sold out at Tangs.


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                    i just recalled!! there's a Guerlain counter at DFS scotts (next to pacific plaza, opposite far east plaza)


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                      Thanks Shi, I really hope that this works. i am beginning to think that it could be my skin that is the problem.


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                        Any cotters to discuss/review on their skincare? Thanks


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                          I really enjoy using Guerlain skincare. I have oily and acne-prone skin. I've been a loyal fan of Guerlain skincare for many years.

                          Even though Guerlain products are quite rich, but it never caused me any breakout like what I experienced with La Mer and Sisley. That's why I love it so much.

                          My favourite Guerlain products are Orchidee Imperiale Cream, Orchidee Imperiale Eye & Lip Cream (my fav used to be Success Eye Tech before switching to this), Flower Cleansing Cream, SOS Serum (you've gotta try this), Secret Divin (it refines my pores), Super Aqua-Serum and Super Aqua-Mask.

                          I'm thinking of trying Dr. Hauschka lately, but I'm just too hoked up with Guerlain products that I find myself hard to abandon them.