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My Narcissism Diary {Updated 10 Jan 08} New year, New Hair!

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  • My Narcissism Diary {Updated 10 Jan 08} New year, New Hair!

    Pictures are NA at the moment. Sorry!
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    HeLLo GirL aka SuGarSweet~!!!
    I just saw ur photos!!! [I like ur 1st & 5th photos!!!
    Looked PrettY in it!!!

    And I find that u are so...SEXY~!!! *Heez*!!!Very elegant lookings like this!!! *Heez*!!!
    I think ur eyebrows is very nicely-groomed!!!
    U go trimming always???
    Where u go for it???

    And also, isit u was in your room in the photos???
    Your room looked so NEAT!!!
    My room is in a complete mess! *Wahaha!!! And also, what BRAND of curling tongs do u use

    I think it's a refreshing looks beside straight hair!
    Can change ur hairstyle according to your mood!!!
    SomethinG New! Niccceeeee~!!!
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      hey sugarsweet, you've got such a sweet looking face! I love your hair.


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        Hi MiniVv!
        Thanks for looking at my album!

        Thats a pink top that I wore to Flowergurl's birthday party.. *haha*

        And my eyebrows are from threading!
        I got it done the last time I was in India.
        Nice and cheap!
        Actually I heard Little India also got.. Maybe you can try it too?

        And yes!Its my room, Im usually a neat freak thats why!
        But its also because I just cleaned my room last week.. Or else also not so neat one laaa... Wahahaha.

        I am using Philips Curling Tongs!
        Very good and quite slim.. And nice because you can wash it off and have straight hair again!

        *thumbs up*

        Thanks for looking at my pictures!


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          Islande :

          Thanks for looking!

          I just did my hair not too long ago, I did Soft Rebonding!
          The results are good I think!And very low maintainance too.
          Just wash and go.. Im very happy with the results... *kekeke*

          Before that, I usually have to blow my stupid hair for at least 1/2 hour before I can step out of the house!

          Can u imagine!!


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            You are very pretty! And photogenic to boot. Thank you for sharing. The top looks like something from VS?

            The curls are also well done. Suits your face.

            Do keep the delectable pics coming.


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              wow wow sugarsweet! sweet young thing! you're really pretty! mind listing down what you use for your FOTD? i'ld really like to know.

              thanks for sharing! looking forward to more!


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                HiYeeeee GirL~!!!
                No Problem!!!
                *ThaNks* for looking at my photos too!!!
                And I *enJoY* looking at PrettY GirLs photos (Like You) too!!!

                Oh~!!! That mean u just took the photos JUST yesterday, right???
                I see, I see! *Haha*! U know..I am very *Blur*..
                as I thought u are wearing a WHITE top at first!!!
                Until u mentioned..Then I go look at the photos again..
                then I realised u are wearing a LIGHT PINK one!!!
                Maybe coz the PINK is a very sheer, light-shade of PinK!!!
                *ThumBs uP* for it!!! You're looking *SS* in it!!! That's mean SexY & Sophisticated!!!

                Oh! *ThaNks* for telling me!!!
                U did your eyebrows at India!!! I am so surprise!!!
                I expecting that u will tell me what salon u went for it at first!!!
                To think that u done it at India! Farawwwaaay!!!
                *Haha*! Yeah! Saw a few people recommending brows threading at little India too before!
                Maybe can give it a try there 1 day~!!!

                *Wahhh!!!* But can see from the photos of ur room..
                Can see u are a CLEAN Freak and very organised person already!
                I am so messy! I don't even have enough room to put my mirror on my desk properly for make-up sometimes!!!
                Can u imagine that?! *Wahaha*!!!

                Oh I see! I got thought of getting curling tongs before!Seem like this "Philips Curling Tongs" is a good buy from what u said!!!
                Coz somemore u said it is slim, u can bring it all around when u travel, yeah???
                Do u remember how much isit?
                And where did u buy urs, GirL??? (India??! *hehe* KiddinG!!!)
                And Ohyah, will it damaged hair by alots???
                Like cause our hair to looked frizzy after using???
                Coz my hair is super unhealthy and damaged now!!!
                Can't afford to undergo more chemical process by now!!!

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                  Hi makeupmag!
                  Thank u for looking at my album!!
                  The top is actually from M)hposis!But very long time ago liaooo..

                  The curls are done at the spur of the moment!
                  But too bad..if I never use any styling mousse.. it will not stay because I rebonded my hair.
                  Usually Im too lazy to curl my hair (and I cant deal with the maintainance of a perm). :p
                  But thank u once again for looking!!


                  Hi daintree!!
                  Aiyo.. so sweet call me young thing! *blushblushblush*

                  I used :
                  Base- Estee Lauder's Ideal Matte (Golden Caramel)
                  Loose Powder-Chanel's Natural Finish Loose Powder
                  Concealor-YSL Touche Eclat
                  Blusher- Bourjois Rose Venitein

                  Eyes -Bourjois Effet Lumiere Eyeshadow Trio in Les Argents 46
                  -Loreal Liquid SuperLiner in Black (upper lids)
                  -Loreal Pencil Perfect Liner in Black (lower lids)
                  -Ettusais White Shimmer EyePencil (Inner corners of top n bottom lids)

                  Lashes-Dramatical Eyes Base
                  -Lancome Amplicils

                  Brows-Shiseido Eyebrow Pencil in Brown

                  Lips-Dior's Addict Ultra-Shine in 222

                  Thank you for looking once again!


                  Hi MiniVv!
                  Yeah yeah! I think that the top looks white too!!

                  I did the threading in India because its very cheap! :p
                  But Little India charges $10-12 so I think its reasonable too!
                  Try it one day!It might hurt alittle at first, but will get ok very soon!Just like eyebrow plucking!

                  And the tongs cost around $59 I think.
                  Not too bad because perms costs more! *haha*
                  But if ur hair is very damaged then I wouldnt encourage you to use.. because it is like flat-irons.. the results are nice, but it damages the hair because it uses heat.
                  But once in a while, ok I guess!
                  U wait until your hair becomes better than you buy and try!
                  U will look more jappy in curls I think!!


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                    are u elaine?
                    i thought i saw u in the last August issue of cleo!??
                    am i right?
                    ure so pretty!


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                      Alya :

                      Hi hi! Thank you so much for looking at my pics!

                      And yes, My name is elaine.
                      *Sigh*.. that picture in Cleo is the ugliest ever!

                      And I thot that nobody remembers!
                      So MALU!

                      But thanks for looking at my album!
                      Btw, ur avatar picture very cute.


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                        Hey dear, love your sultry look! and you're really good with your curling tongs huh? i can never use mine well... :booty:


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                          Wow, I love your haircut!! I wish I could print your pics and show it to my hairdresser .
                          The Bourjois blush also looks pretty & glowy in the pics, is it similar with NARS Sin or L'Oreal Rosewood Blush Delice?
                          Do posts more and often, okay :note: .


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                            strange...somehow when i click on the album link, i'm directed to an album with all ang mos....

                            is it only me??


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                              me too! Get directed to an album with pretty caucasian girls! Sugarsweet could you redirect me to see your pics please?