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  • Clarins Toning Body Polisher

    Toning Body Polisher with Essential Oils, S$62

    Vitality, beauty, balance: Toning Aroma Body Care
    For all those who wish to find in a single treatment the effectiveness of an exfoliation and the toning properties of essential oils. Pure pleasure for the body, pure pleasure for the spirit.

    Beauty Benefits :
    -Exfoliates while respecting the skin's balance
    -Eliminates dead skin cells and impurities
    -Refines skint texture, softens skin
    -Stimulates and refreshes the body and spirit, promotes total well-being

    Ingredients :
    -Crystals of salt from the Camargue and sugar: exfoliate, refine and polish.
    -Hazelnut oil and Shea butter: soften and nourish the skin
    -100% natural essential oils of Mint, Rosemary, Rosewood and Geranium: refresh and stimulate.
    - Geranium (Alleviates,Astringent,Normalises)
    - Hazelnut (Anti-dehydrating,Anti-free radical,Nourishes,Regenerates)
    - Mint (Refreshes,Tones)
    - Palm (Protects)
    - Rosemary (Moisturises,Regenerates)
    - Shea (Moisturises,Protects,Regenerates,Revitalises,Soft ens)

    Method of Use :
    -Apply in gentle massages to clean, wet skin.
    -Concentrate on rough areas: elbows, knees, feet.
    -Rinse thoroughly.
    Use once or twice a week.

    Any reviews on this?
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    Hmmm.....interesting pdt...

    I suppose the 2 in 1 treatment will be greatly welcomed with many.

    At least it is for me

    review pls


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      sounds heavenly. i only hope it's not too oily.