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  • be Sanctuary Spa | Modern Beauty Salon

    Has anyone tried any of the services offered at be Sanctuary Spa/ Modern Beauty Salon? It's the one endorsed by celeb Ada Choi and from the pictures, it looks like a really nice place, relaxing and soothing with luxurious surroundings.

    They were having a roadshow at Citilink last weekend, and I bought a voucher for a facial (UP $60, now $20) because it sounded reeeeeeally good. I usually go to DRX Centre for the Sonic Cleansing but they've started a rule that says it can't be done on its own anymore, only with masks that push the price up to over $100 so... time to look for a new facial place!

    The facial by Modern Beauty Salon sounded almost exactly like DRX's sonic cleansing. According to the lady who attended to me, it uses vibration technology to loosen clogged pores, and then uses a plate (or scraper) to unclog the pores before using manual extraction. A soothing gel will then be applied, as well as a mask. It sounds almost exactly like DRX's sonic cleansing + mask, but at half the price! And I couldn't resist the $20 promotion.

    I've yet to make an appointment for my facial... will update on whether it's all as good as it sounds!

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    A couple of my friends used to patronise Modern Beauty and they had plenty of complaints. The staff were really pushy and they have this routine: You're lying there partly into your facial, feeling vulnerable with your bare face and all. Then the manager or some senior person would come by, scrutinise your face and point out all your faults. Now that your self-esteem has plummeted somewhat, she will suggest that you upgrade your package to 'something more suitable'. This is like a never-ending round of spending.
    They even told my slim friend that her underarms are flabby and tried to sell her some body package. We were outraged to hear that since this friend is trim.
    I haven't been there personally, but warnings and horror stories from 2 people are enough to scare me off. Maybe you will have a better experience there.


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      I have a facial package with them too. I've only been there once so far. The experience was really pampering and relaxing. There are spa facilities which members can use after their facial/massge sessions (just pay $8 more iirc).

      I do agree with the fact that the ladies there are quite pushy about their services. The other time I went, they went on and on about asking me to sign another package when I only just finished one session of my course.

      But for that price and experience, I'm not complaining much


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        My friend went to their AMK branch and took a package of facial cum massage for about $2,000. And this friend of mine, though don't own any credit cards, they allowed her to pay by instalments!

        She complained that it was difficult to get appointments and also they kept cancelling or postponing her already-made-appointments. Plus they asked her to upgrade her package by adding another $1000, saying she need something more to make her face better!

        Geez..I don't see any improvement in her face and allowing instalment payment without credit cards..hmm..are they that hard up for business?


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          be sanctuary spa (modern beauty salon)

          is the facial there good?

          they are having a roadshow until tmr n the facial package is only $188 for 6!!!

          i am very tempted to sign up but wanna hear some reviews from you gals first.

          pls comment!


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            threads merged, please do a (it's found at the top of the page) before starting a new thread in future. thanks!


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              oops, sorry.

              so they are pushy? but are the facials there good despite them being pushy??

              thanx for ur help gals! =)


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                Giman beauty is a company that cheats, misrepresents and lies to their
                customers. They made you buy their package and find all ways not to
                honor these packages by closing their outlets '@ pidemco then tras
                street than giman. They escaped from all their bad reputation by keep
                changing their name from modern beauty, to be sauntuary to giman but
                all these belong to same company. They push you package and then
                refuse to honor it saying that it expires. They do this by always
                telling u they are fully booked or closed their outlets so u can't
                redeem them. They refused to refund u when they cannot meet their
                requirement. They oversell and then refused to deliver so that the
                packages got expired. They are a very despicable and unethical
                company. To all ladies out there, I was a victim of their underhand
                methods. Pls think many times before using their services. I never
                patronize them ever again