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    woah, i cannot wait for these to be launched! they have 18 colors, and selling for $4 each..i think i wanna buy all of them, total $72 the SA told me will be end of aug!!

    anyone as crazy as i am??

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    all the colors??

    yo meisim,

    you sure like ettusais polish very much ya? all the colors are shimmery? no matte colors? i was wondering if u really apply the blue one ( no. 4 & 14 from the web link)

    its SG4 each?


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      hehe...i know i am crazy...but i like to do nail i don't mind having the blue colors actually..or even yellow....i called the SA at isetan scotts and asked about the actual launch date, she said "end of sep" sad...

      ya, they are selling at $4..but i cannot visualise how small they are..


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        I have tried the Ettuisais mini nail polishes but IMO the quality is not as good as the PN sparkly ones. It's definitely very cheap It's really a very small bottle, the glass portion of the bottle is approx. 2cm high (IIRC !).


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          The mini nail polish are out!! Available only at Ettusais' new outlet at Metro Causeway Point....this is such a shame coz the quantities are very limited, so they let the new outlet have them. The other counters at Isetan Scotts, Orchard and Seiyu Bugis have NONE!!

          And the saddest thing is, I only got to know it yesterday while i was at Seiyu, the SA on duty, Carol, told me. (She was the one I called Isetan Scotts a few weeks ago that i wanted to reserve the whole set, but she did not call me although they have arrived in Singapore!!!!!!!)

          And when I went down to Causeway point this morning...i only managed to get 11 out of the 18 colors... my dream to have the whole set is shattered


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            Saw those mini polishes at Causeway Point just now.. looks so pretty and cute!


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              I'm going down to buy some this week so that I can play around at home.

              Is it difficult to remove due to the glitters?


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                I bought some too! Went down on the 2nd day of the launch and they are all out of 14, 15 already! Anyway for $4 a bottle, it's pretty cheap


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                  Originally posted by naughtygirl
                  I'm going down to buy some this week so that I can play around at home.

                  Is it difficult to remove due to the glitters?
                  i used it on haven't remove it yet... but the color seems quite lasting..

                  will let you know if the glitters are hard to remove...but i think...likely!!


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                    hey the whole range is available again!! the SA at Causeway pt called me...she put aside the balance 7 bottles which i did not manage to grab earlier...she's so nice..!!

                    better rush down quick if you wanna get the whole set..coz the quantity is still limited....

                    i can zzz in peace tonite!!


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                      i saw it at cwp yesterday
                      its really tiny and cute!
                      but colours left all like glitter paint for arts like that


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                        hi clover, yes and no...see what i did on my nails the other time, not so much of nail art...but different from usual 2-coated nails...and this is easy to did you buy any in the end? they have it in metro paragon too...but not too sure about the stock available..

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                          sorry my photography wasn't that good...but here is the whole set...

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                            thatsso EXTREMELY lovely meisim
                            thanks for posting up the pictures
                            you so trempt me to get the nail polish too!

                            are the polish on ur nails from this range?

                            i didnt buy any yesterday cause left the glittery type and i'm not as smart as u to think of how beautiful it looks


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                              thanks for your compliments i like to paint my nails every week, so maybe that's how i polished my skills..i have been doing it for as long as i can remember...since my poly times...!

                              i used the RMK color called Shiny Blue as the base...then i layer it with the blue glitter (let me go home check the no. then let you know)...

                              the steps go like this : after the blue polish as base...use a very light coat of the glitter...sweep it half way down your nails....once dry...use a more generous coat and paint it near to the tip...

                              practise makes don't worry if you cannot do it right the first time...