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  • mango
    Actually I think this term is very subjective when it comes to skincare products. Eg, I think neutrogena has this skin refining product that specialises in minimising and closing up pores, but dermalogica has a mask called the skin refining mask which is actually a deep-cleaning and purifying white clay mask (btw, I love this). So I guess when it comes to skincare, it really depends on the context and how the advertisers want to use this term. I guess just take the word literally- skin refining means to refine your skin, in whatever way it means depending on what is the product in question.

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  • NiteyLychee
    started a topic Skin Refiner

    Skin Refiner

    What does skin refiner means?
    Always find this word in some skincare products. What does it actually do to your skin? Smoothen, minimize pores,even out wrinkles or whitens your face???

    Does it helps in removing acne/pimples scars?

    I've those kind of little depressed marks on my cheeks from my old "cured" acnes. Does Skin refining products help in minimizing them?