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  • bree's

    Here goes.. kind of blur. I will try to get a better picture soon!

    Eyes: Shu Uemura eyelash curler, ZA Cutie Curl (volume), Mac Eye Kohl in Smoulder, MAC Eyeshadows in Beauty Marked, Shale, Sweet lust.

    Face: NARS blusher - Deep throat, Chanel vitalumiere satin smoothing fluid makeup, Chanel poudre universelle libre natural finish loose powder, Inuovi Perfector concealor.

    Lips: Nivea lip care, Sephora lip gloss in summer shimmer.
    Cozy Rookie
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    Eyes: Inuovi eyelash curler, ZA Cutie Curl (volume), Mac PowerPoint in Smoulder, Eyeshadows - Stila Auburn Palette

    Face: Shu blusher - M Pink 31C, Chanel poudre universelle libre natural finish loose powder.

    Lips: Nivea lip care
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      Hi bree, thank you for sharing! You have beautifully shaped eyes - hope to see a big close up of your eye! And what lovely lashes! A question - are they like that normally or is it thanks to the Lash Discovery? Also, does this mascara help?

      Mag - sad owner of skimpy, short lashes

      PS: I'm a fan of i nuovi e/s too! Their range of greens is amazing.


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        bravo to the lashes!! me jealous!!!


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          Nice pouty lips!!!


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            Thank you...

            My eyelashes are naturally quite long and thick thus, I don't spend much on mascara etc because not my top priority. I bought Lash Discovery because Full & Soft was out of stock. I prefer full & soft but they are quite the same though the mini brush is quite cool but hard to get used to it at first.

            Can't use Loreal because they are mainly into thickening eyelashes and it clumps on me all the time.

            mag: I believe Talika is great for lashes even as a "moisturizing" product. Actually my eyes "changes" all the time. Sometime they look typical oriental, flat and single eyelid but sometime more deep-set and bigger.

            smokey: Do teach me how to do the "real" smokey eyes effect. I look punched and don't dare to do much "smoke" effect.

            SS: So sad that I didn't get to see pretty you at the fp gathering. Hehe, I most dislike my thick fish lips.
            Cozy Rookie
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              Oh ya!
              No wonder I found your nick so familiar!
              U are from Fp too!!!

              Next time perhaps??
              Why do u hate ur lips?
              I think pouty lips look great.Its sexy and kissable!


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                Haha, yaps! Now you can see me everywhere.

                I don't like my lips because its rather a darker shade of pink, I can't carry those innocent sheer peach look. Sometimes, always using those "dark" colours get boring and having thicker lips mean i always gave to moisturize it or it will be dry and peeling.


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                  I like your brows! Full and nicely shaped!


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                    The Eye :


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                      Originally posted by tAbBiE
                      I like your brows! Full and nicely shaped!
                      thankie. It was thick and very very bushy (Like Ernie from Sesame Street) until I started trimming it. My mum and bro has the same. But the thing is, it grows very fast so I got to pluck it all the time.


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                        Neat full brows and nice lashes!
                        Do post more ya?


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                          Hello Bree~!!!

                          Been so long since last heard from U!!!

                          Firstly, when I looked at ur photos..
                          What attracted me at first glance is ur.....

                          Pair of *EYES*!!!

                          Think u have a pair of BiG, PrettY eyes!!!
                          Attractive eyes u got there!!!
                          Very LL Lashes u have got there also!
                          That mean..Long and Luscious *Haha*!!!

                          Finally saw ur hairstyle! It's looked Niceeee on u!!!
                          I like especially the layering of ur FRINGE~!!!


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                            You got BIG eyes! Look like a japanese lady this kind of hairstyle. Keep the photos coming.


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                              hi girl... teach you?? me dare not hahahaha.. i myself want to learn how stella does hers..

                              will update you once i master it myself!! okie?? cheers.. u should curl your eyelash abit more, they look straight-up & ot curl up..