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  • sue devitt studio

    came across this makeup brand on sephora...

    <b>sue devitt studio</b>

    she has some interesting eyeshadows - unconventional ones.
    wonder how these look when applied on the eyelids?

    <b>starlights clear water eyeshadow</b>
    (click on image to view details)

    <b>eye glides</b>
    (click on image to view details)

    thought the eye glides look quite cute, but don't think they'll be as easy to apply directly on the eyelids as compared the the usual pan ones.

    quite innovative though...

    - crazygirl
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    Not too sure about the other products from this brand but their blushers are not too bad imo!


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      i like the foundation a lot. the 70% triple seaweed gel foundation is great for my dehydrated skin. sheer, and doesn't crack even after a long while. the seaweed whipped foundation is just as great, gives more coverage compared to the 70%.

      the silky matte and silky sheen eyeshadows are great too!smooth and too easy colors to use.

      lipglosses are pretty, but not really worth the amount you pay. contents are quite little!
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        I only own the Koh Samui blush fr this line and I love it to bits. Very pigmented, the shimmers are not as intensed as Nars. I want more!!!