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How do you sleep with your long hair?

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  • How do you sleep with your long hair?

    Hi girls, I have decided to keep my hair really long for once in my life. I am just wondering how do you girls sleep with your long hair.

    For eg, do you tie them up or let them go any way they want etc?

    I just want to keep my hair in optimum condition so hope you will share.

    Thank you!

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    used to sleep it as it is, maybe tucked in behind my ears sometimes.

    but now i tied it (loosely) in a high pony tail when i sleep. warning: it might give you bad hair day next day.

    i wish i know how to tie 2 plaits to sleep.. at least it will just give me wavy lengths.


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      I had really long hair once, all the way past my waist. The maintanence is really no joke cause really long hair looks good only if its shiny and lustrous. I simply tie it very loosely (very loosely so that it wont leave a 'mark' in e morning)and pull it to one side when I sleep. The way I maintained my long hair was to go for salon treatments monthly, trim the ends every 2 months, do a hair mask at home 1-2 times a week, use a very good conditioner everytime I wash my hair and dry my scalp with cool air from hair dryer everyday after washing hair. Thats why I really don't think I'll have time for long hair in the near future.
      Your hair is nice and healthy to begin with, so with some effort it shouldnt be hard to maintain the lustre all the way.


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        Thanks mango, for the info.

        I have to keep my hair now or its gonna be never.

        I have short hair more often than long. Its like for every year of long hair I have, I have short hair for the next 3 years.

        I actually look better with short hair but I don't care, I like to try different hair styles. I'm the kind who gets bored with the same hairstyle for too long.


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          Most of the time I leave it alone when I go to sleep. Sometimes I tie it up in a loose french plait, or 2 plaits. These really give you nice waves in your hair; the smaller the plaits, the more wavy your hair gets. I've had people asking if I had permed my hair


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            i tie it into a loose pigtail or pony tail. just so it won't get to difficult to comb the next day


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              i sleep with my hair splayed out on my pillow. also prefer it untied when i sleep.


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                same as mich either that or i sleep on my side & it's all over the pillow too


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                  Used to have long hair. As long as my hair was off my neck, I was okay. Splayed out like Mich.

                  I liked tying a "bun" high on top of my head. I get nice cascading curls when the bun gets undone in the morning.

                  Mango - you sure took alot of effort for your hair! Your hair must have been shampoo ad worthy.


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                    Hi Naugthygirl,

                    I used to have long hair. Just put all my hair up over my pillow so that the next day I have more volume on my hair. Works well for me.


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                      When I had hair that reached the bra-line, I just press my hair down against my head and sleep. I didn't like the idea of tying my hair etc cos I was afraid of "marks" on the hair when I wake up.

                      Personally, I feel that long hair is a lot easier to manage than short hair. With long hair, I just have to comb and go in the morning. No need to deal with styling and so on


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                        Originally posted by Vonnie

                        Personally, I feel that long hair is a lot easier to manage than short hair. With long hair, I just have to comb and go in the morning. No need to deal with styling and so on
                        Wow, your hair must be very well-behaved! I used to have to spend close to 40 min to blow-style my hair everytime before I go out so that the ends are all nicely curled in.


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                          Ditto what Vonnie said about long hair being easier to manage. I too just need to do a quick brush before I go out. There were even some rare days when I am super-coma and forgot to brush. All I needed to do is run my fingers through it. But I find the length makes a difference. If its too short (eg at shorter blade or higher), my hair tends to get a little wayward and the ends curl in all the wrong directions.


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                            i let my long hair loose too when i sleep. used to braid my hair into 2 to get waves the next day when it was shoulder-length.

                            yes, long hair is easier to manage! when i had short hair, i had to style my hair everyday with wax/mousse. very troublesome. and my short hair always curls the way i do not want it to. :piss:


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                              Wow, thank you ladies for all your tips.

                              The reason why I ask is when I sleep, my hair is all over the place. I don't think its a good way to treat my hair because sometimes I carelessly break my hair. I guess I will try to make an effort to place my hair on one side. I just hope it works because I am such a bad sleeper.

                              I have super straight hair, so long or short I don't have much problem (unless super short like guy sort, that I do have a problem because my hair stands). The only thing is if I sleep with my hair still wet, I'll sure have a serious case of bad hair day the next day regardless of length.

                              I like the idea of creating some curls through tying plaits or a bun. I hope I figure out how to create some nice ones for myself.