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  • 3C (Three Custom Color Cosmetics Specialist)

    Recieved this in the mail:

    We are excited to announce the Singapore launch of Three Custom Colour Specialists (3C) cosmetics. Based in New York, 3C has made a name for itself through their ability to create any colour of lipstick, lip gloss, eyeshadow, blush or powder. You can create any colour, whether it is a colour you have only dreamed about or a colour that has been discontinued by almost any major cosmetic brand. The choice is yours....You can even name your own shade!

    In addition to the custom colour service, we carry a complete line of 3C ready-to-wear colours including colours that Cr?me has created just for our Singapore clients!

    With Stars like Penelope Cruz, Rene Zellweger and Jessica Simpson (to name a few) among its loyal fans, 3C can claim an impressive Hollywood following. Recent Hollywood movies like "Spiderman 2", "Catwoman" and "The Manchurian Candidate" used 3C cosmetics 'exclusively' during production.

    Be among the first to experience what is a truly 'unique' makeup line. 3C is sold exclusively at Cr?me.

    6 Scotts Road
    #03-14/15 Scotts Shopping Centre
    ph. 6733-5168

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    is this shop open yet? will like to take a look at their products and check out whats good..


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      I love 3CC!! I ordered from their website though. Do check out their eyeshadows, creme blush, lipsticks and glosses! People raved about their concealer also.
      Oh, my fave is the eyeshadow palette, so chic and light, perfect for travelling. And if you're into palettes, you must get one of their lipstick/gloss palettes !


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        wow thanks for the news teiko...

        found the 3C website... might be useful...

        <b>three custom color</b>

        oh bad bad... seems like there're quite some new brands popping up this fall - winter period... not to forget the year-end holiday promotions coming up from favourite brands that are already here... my poor poor wallet

        - crazygirl


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          oh dear.. i look at the colors.. nice.. but dun know how is their texture though.. .

          seba: how is the texture of their stuff? is it drying?
          and how much did you pay for their palettes?


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            I think the lipsticks are pretty much the same with other brands, probably similar with MAC's Satin formula. If you like non-sticky glosses you'll love theirs, but don't expect high pigmented glosses. And they're not glass-shiny, just sheer glossy.
            Believe it or not, I haven't used most of my 3CC products yet . They're my babies, especially the lipstick palette (I got the Cool Lipstick one). Retails for USD45. How much are they there? I might stock up 3CC in Singapore next time .


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              Originally posted by crazygirl

              oh bad bad... seems like there're quite some new brands popping up this fall - winter period...
              - crazygirl
              what are the other new brands that are coming to us?? I am still suffering from the heartbreak of RMK's pulling out.
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                hi sugarbean,

                for one, Paul & Joe is coming to our shores.... read in another post, P&J is opening a new outlet at isetan scotts in october.

                then stila and MAC are both opening new outlets at isetan scotts too...

                that's all i gathered for now.

                - crazygirl
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                  Anyone knows how's their price range liked? I was told their eyeshadows can be used wet as eyeliners.

                  I rather isetan scotts introducing new, unique makeup brands than those already found in other stores. Boring! Orchard isnt that big to walk from one shopping center to another


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                    true... i agree with you VinLongo.

                    being a stila fan, i thought it's kinda silly to walk down orchard road and find one located at isetan, tangs and paragon each... while available no where else in singapore.

                    guess they wanna capture all orchard crowd available *shrugs*

                    - crazygirl


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                      So did any gals get good catch from Creme at the Scotts?