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    Dang ... now that I look at S20 again .... it DOES look really really nice! Wanda, I am thinking this shade may work for you - it's on the light side though ... It looks like such a skin softening shade.So demure looking ...

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    Ok, I may have squelched my lemming for the Stila Ski trio (I don't know though - it sure looks pretty) ... I tried to get this pic as close as possible to IRL (not a whole lot of natural sunlight around here today so I have poor lighting - I'll take another one tomorrow if I can) ... these two sure are similar! (Stella's pic above of the S17 is much more accurate)

    The pink in the KP trio is more of a baby pink. The darkest color in the KP trio is similar to the medium shade in the Ski trio, but is a tad darker, and is lighter than the darkest shade in the Ski trio. The darkest color in the KP actually looks to be a cross between the two darker shades in the Ski trio.
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      Originally posted by "atypical"

      Can you describe the Stila Cameo you were talking about?
      I am absolutely horrible at describing colors - it's kind of a shimmery mauvey/rosey pink (help ... Pan, do you remember?). I thought it would be too pink for me, but it works ok ...


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        Hey Wanda ... since the Stila Cameo has a little brown in it ... I think S20 will make a good choice. It's just pink (no browns), shimmery & slightly dusty.


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          Originally posted by "ppie"

          Hmmmm ... might give it a try ...
          ppie, S20 looks suitable for you as I believe you are darker than me. I'm about NC25-30. S20 is more shimmery than S26.

          I thought S20 looks dark on me, but someone mentioned the colour is actually quite soft. Looks like I need another test at the counter, maybe when the SA tried it on me, it was over the blush i already had on, and it distorted the colour.


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            KP S17 trio, i think i've found an almost similar look with Stila Shell and Cloud but not as intense, maybe used wet?


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              Originally posted by "pandora76"

              Do you own any of their trios? If not, you will have NO difficulty making up the $120! *LOL* Trust me, that just happened to me last week!
              i got 3 trios so far fr the KP warehse sale. hmm..tats means another 3 more trios (3x33=99+29=128 or 33x4=132).

              *punching the keypads on her calculator*


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                Originally posted by "Rion"


                tats fast reponse fr u. thx!

                anyway, wold like to get that gwp brush roll, so i need to get $120 worth of pdts at one go. any advise on what's worth to get. i'already set my eyes on 26 (120-29=91). so i need another $91 more.
                S17 S17 S17!! Anyway the e/s trio is lovely. S16 is great too..and 145, 146 and 147..The cleansing oil is lovely too...lip duos? loose powder? S20 face colour....I am quite sure you have no problem spending the $$$.


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                  I think S16 is out of least, it was when I was there last week. I found it an intriguing trio...pinks and mauves...but I wasn't sure if I could take the colours...


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                    Originally posted by "dolphin"

                    Yup, it's a light pastel purple, pale pink and a maurve colors in the trios...but i figure out i don't need this one as i have no luck in purples!
                    This purple I promise is different. its beautiful.....heh heh gonna tempt one more....Dun beg me for it after u test out mine ok..


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                      Kesalan Patharan - Eyeshadows

                      Originally posted by "farahdean"

                      hey gals, the old card sys(the one i hv) $50 gets u a stamp, after 6 stamps within a year, u get $30 off(i hv been using it directly all the time ie pick up one other item & pay the the difference). new card is $30 a stamp & $20 voucher after 6 stamps! & i think u need to start off buying non-offer stuff to get the card. if u get it @ 20% off first time, they prob don give u the card to collect all the stamps! or smtg like tt!
                      Yeah, just to confirm this scheme is still ongoing. I went to KP today with my receipts from last week's haul...the same SA who was giggling with the MA was there and of course she recognized me and she let me use my previous purchase towards a new now I only have 1 more stamp to go and I can get $20 off a new trio!! WHEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
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                        Oh Yes! 150 is a perfect brown trio. So shimmery!

                        Pan ... that's is such a nice thing! You got KP's 26! WOwow!!!

                        Hey, Pandora's Secret Santa ... REVEAL yourself! :D

                        That's just tooooo sweet!


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                          Originally posted by "pandora76"

                          Wanda, just for you, my report on 150. :D

                          It's definitely staying in my collection! I played with it today and it's very versatile. For day, I can just sweep the lightest shade, which is a shimmery cream-white all over my lid for instant brightness. However this trio probably works best for party or evening eyes.

                          The gold (middle shade) IS quite warm, and I had to be careful not to put on too much or else it will turn too bronzey and warm on me. A few dots along my lid and smudged with my pinky, on top of the shimmery white base, were enough to lend a very subtle sparkle to my lids. I then used the shimmery chocolate to line the entire upper lashline (dry lining), and then wet-lined the outer corners of my eyes for more intensity. This chocolate shade goes on MUCH lighter than it appears, so it's all very subtle, which suits me fine, but I'm wondering if it may be a tad light for Golden Goddesses like yourself.

                          Anyway, to finish off a "party" eye, I went over my lid again with the middle gold shade, but this time wet. This brings out the gold and the shimmer better (good for evening), yet this entire trio is not really pigmented, so the whole look is still very subtle. I like it - think I will call on this trio for my "Goldeneye" look. *LOL*
                          hi wanda, this looks blah on tan me, VLWC Golden beige, RMK#104, GA LSF#6 if tt helps!


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                            Farah ... Pan ... Stella ... any thoughts about 150? Do you think it will work on me or will it be too light? I'm more MMM/GGG so I'm thinking that it won't work? *sob*


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                              W, i like S18 more than 150. IMO, 150 is boring prob coz the shades are close to my skin tone & u don see much colour really. Pan is going to KP today, she prob can compare them there for u.
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