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  • Crownbrush

    i came across this site.
    the brushes are so cheap!
    but i don't know what's the shipping cost though...

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    autumnheart! Thanks for sharing the website! The brushes are really cheap! But are they in USD or SGD? Anyhows, what hair are the brushes made of? Would love to get them if they are good


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      Those thinking of trying out Crown brushes may find these info useful... but there's limited info on their website on the brush handle/hair length etc. I read fr another forum, feedback is the brushes feel very soft, but replies are few. Maybe this is a brand hardly ppl has heard of. Perhaps anyone can post here what they have read of their brushes. =(

      P/S: Prices quoted in US$

      Dear Vel,
      In order to ship a package to Singapore it will cost between $20 and $30. In order to ship this order to CA, if the order totals more then $100 there will be no shipping costs. If it is under $100 then it will be a $5 charge to a business address and a $10 charge to a residential address. We only accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. Each brush has a different handle length and hair. You can find some of this information on our website
      If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
      Thank you,
      Crown Industries, Inc.


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        Originally posted by tAbBiE
        autumnheart! Thanks for sharing the website! The brushes are really cheap! But are they in USD or SGD? Anyhows, what hair are the brushes made of? Would love to get them if they are good
        like what caramel said, the prices are in USD.
        still, most of them will cost less than S$10!

        postage is reasonable if it's only US$20 if we buy more.
        and like what it was quoted to caramel, free shipping for $100 is great!
        (but that will be like 30+ brushes?)


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          count me in if you are starting a spree...


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            the specs of the brush are not stated?

            lele, i can prob get one of the brushes (the smallest one) here for your x'mas then i won't have to go hiding!


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              haha.... den i shall choose the smallest and the most expensive... when are we having a spree? my hands are itching.... *scratch scratch*


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                The problem with Crown is their brush specs are not listed. I emailed to them, they ask me to refer to their website. (They think I'm stupid !?!? )

                Haven't quite recover from ELF spree yet. My mom thought I'm starting an online biz. Or I have gone MAD, over-obsessed with makeup. LoL!! Think now is one of you (whoever it may be) to take over.


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                  Count me in as well!


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                    if response is good, think if the two of us do a spree, it'll be easier... it's very tough on you doing the ELF spree alone.


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                      *pokes head out of the ground* Spree? Did I hear spree?

                      There are so many brushes available on Crown I have no idea which to pick. Can anyone suggest which brushes may be suitable for eyeshadow - 1 for the base colour and 1 for the crease? I know it's hard to tell just by the short description, but any suggestions would be most appreciated. And of course I won't hold anyone responsible should I end up with something I don't like *fingers crossed*


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                        wooo..spree...very interested too...pity am now in australia...dont think there will be a problem ordering 30 brushes...

                        there isnt any mention about what hair is used on the brushes. whats the differnce between the pro , studio & backstage series?? i did spy one that looks like stila #15 the double ended brush for eyeshadows...see


                        I hope i dont get into trouble for this but check out this page


                        compared with

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                          Ooh! The crown brushes look good! I'm interested too!

                          I just got my mac 129SH blush brush in the mail! I have been ebay-ing! The brush feels soft but the main plus point is that it's really easy to carry around!

                          Me is a happy girl!


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                            I've never used or touched any badger brushes before. Are they better than pony or squirrel?


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                              Badger Hair
                              Although badgers are native to many parts of the world, China is the main source of badger hair for brush making. High Quality Badger hair (referred to as Badger 'Tapers') is similar to squirrel, kolinsky sable, weasel or red sable, in that Water Badger Hair 'tapers', hence it also has a 'conical' shape. This means that high quality badger hair makeup brushes would also have thick bellies and thin pointy tips. Badger 'Tapers' is 'elastic'. The less 'tapered' the hair is the less 'elastic' it will be. Badger 'Tapers' are found in high-quality badger hair makeup brushes. The high-quality badger hair has the typical 'sketchy' appearance (light-dark-light) with softer and have very thin tips.

                              Badger hair that are gray in color are less tapered hence are NOT as 'conical' in shape and less 'elastic' and not as soft as the high quality badger 'tapers'. Badger 'grays' are LIGHTER (nearly grey) in color and are less expensive hence are commonly found on SHAVING brushes and BUFFING brushes at Barbershops (but some are also used in makeup brushes too lately!). Is that why most buffer brush (for e.g. MAC #180, hair not specified) or kabuki brush bear close resemblance to a shaving brush or barber's buffing brush?!

                              Unlike sables which are often used in smaller makeup brushes, high quality badger hair is ideal to be used to make bigger makeup brushes such as fan-type brush, bronzer brush and badger 'tapers' make the BEST Buffer or Kabuki brush types because they are 'elastic' and have very soft tips and will NEVER EVER feel prickly on your face yet still very 'bouncy' and are much denser than other hair! However, since high quality badger hair (badger 'tapers') are very expensive, often blunt goat hair or mix (some may even be bleached goat hair, badger-look-a-like?) or badger 'greys' is used instead to make buffer or kabuki type brushes.

                              Quoting from ASquirrel website. Seemed that Badger hair is of higher grade than Squirrel and pony hair. Now this got me really tempted.