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  • our cosmetics collection!

    hi all.. i did a search for this topic.. dont think i found any.. i am just curious what do all of us really own in our make-up case, bags, cabinets, dresser etc... (trouble the crew to merge if there already is a similar thread)

    soo.. list down all that we have currently.. not including what was tossed out recently.

    (album however not including my full range of Inuovi & Red Earth Lipsticks & Lipgloss)

    can't wait to see the rest!!!! cheers!
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    This is interesting, but to want us to list out our collection will consume too much time, as u know how long the list might be!


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      jemay's makeup collection's quite intimidating! .. I remember you posted pics of just part of your collection somewhere sometime ago... :booty:
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        kekeekee, not so much now. I swapped/sold many away for the past one year, but i still left with couple of choices though


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          This sounds like a cosmetics inventory thread!!
          Something which I am very afraid of !

          I think I have way to much and I am trying to alternate most of stuff to make sure I use them ...


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            hahaha... i know some of you have humongous collection thats why i m sooo curious..... please??


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              I should do an inventory so that I can put it up & stop shopping too much. But I'm afraid that my spending is so huge like Carah found her spending on Manola Blanik in Sex & the City - her shoe spending is huge enough for a down payment of her flat. :roll:


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                I dont think I want to list out my stuffs here. I will go crazy after seeing how much I've spend My cosmetics is not enough for 2 traincase and even few big makeup pouch


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                  It is an impossible feat to list my inventory down. I have trouble storing my make up in a huge drawer stacked to the fullest already plus in several traincases. And most are unopened too.


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                    SMOKEYeyes: funny!?!? u must be the only girl i know that doesn't own a single mac item.


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                      hahaha.. hi caramel..

                      yap, i dont own any MAC as i always feel i have too many of everything already... although most of the times i was truly tempted!!! by you cotties...

                      i kinda think listing down is GOOD (begging).. so we can tell ourselves we have ENOUGH & MORE THAN ENOUGH items! & i am quite sure my list the the shortest here.

                      .. i am still hoping someone would list down.. so sad u alll find this 'troublesome'...


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                        smokeyeyes, some of these ladies (like Jemay) have hundreds of pieces of cosmetic items big and small, I think even if she sits down and try to list everything, it'll take her 3 days and 3 nights!


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                          i can understand.... hmmm... okie...


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                            lol. It is a little 'troublesome' for us cos we simply have too many items! I have too many glosses that finding them (all the bags and my dorm room) and listing them down is simply wayyyy too troublesome!

                            Just for you though here's my mac 15 pan, (I have tons more shadow though)

                            MAC Jewel Blue
                            MAC Aquadisac
                            MAC Guacamole
                            MAC Paradisco
                            MAC Creme de Violet
                            TBS Some purple e/s (gift from sister)
                            MAC Pink Freeze
                            MAC Tilt
                            Jane Clubbing
                            I Nuovi Laser
                            Jane Bombshell
                            Red Earth Parrot lookalike
                            I Nuovi Moss
                            MAC Sable
                            Jane Sungloss

                            I don't think this even makes up half of my collection...
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                              I've got about 10-12 MAC 15pan +8 pan palettes and that includes many e/s and blushers... then I've some other single e/s, stacks of pigments.... etc etc...

                              pretty impossible to list....

                              I think for some here, we use primer, so before even listing the colours, primers alone may easily hit the half a dozen point.