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    i find them too expensive, jogging is the best.


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      2nd treatment results

      Just went for my 2nd session on sunday(11/7). Asked for breakdown on the package i bought and asked for manager.

      Really manager do n normal consultant do is very different! I had the senior branch manager do my treatment. she made me drink a cup of water first(didn't do this on my 1st visit) then weigh, sit sauna 20 min(all sweat this time! first time 15 min not really sweaty), bodywrap so tight i can hardly breathe(made me burp 3 times!) then exercise machine 1 hr with 2 bastings of mineral solution in between.

      Total took about 2 hrs. pretty honest. my measurements actually increased in my upper body(absorption of the water) but slight decrease in lower body. did feel firmer after treatment.

      she ask me to buy $8288 package but i didn't buy. cos when i asked for guarantee she beat around the bush. price not a prob for me but i must get the result i want. didn't ask for much my target lose 2 inch from waist(now 25 target 23) and hips reduce to 30inch. she goes round n round but no guarantee so i didn't buy.

      oh i asked about their company policy the guarantee 6-20 inch loss in 1 hour. its only for customer with BMI over 20. and no money back is free treatment if no results.


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        my take on SS

        all the ra ra in the magazines about this hollywood celebrity wrap that helps you loose 6-20 inches in 1 session and the promotion of $99 for 5 treatments or the recent $28 for 1 session.

        my experience with SS wasn't very good. Called them and asked to book for the promotion and they told me $99 for 5 sessions. When I went there, the CONsultant spent 2 hrs of my time trying to sell me some package. She said the $99 not effective (then why even advertise it) and I should sign up some package with monthly instalment of $400+! Am I hearing it right??? I thought the $99 is suppose to be a trial to let me try out their service and determine how effective is their signature mineral wrap, but even before I start I am asked to sign up a $400+ monthly package>??>

        When I probe further, trying to find out what is this whole treatment about, how different is it from the $99 trial and is there guaranted results, she just tell me its different from other slimming centres and definitely will work but she never answer my question about guaranteed results and what's the differences between their wraps. Apparently one of my friend went for the expensive wrap and said it's feels like the same as the one her sister in-law went for ($99 promotion)

        My feel is that these people are not very frank. Either they don't know what they don't know and just want to hit their targets or they know what they should not tell their customers and still just want to hit their sales target. So at the end of the day....hard sell ***

        By the way, the 6-20 inches is an accumulation of inches loss over several parts of your body. After the so called hot blanket, sauna and exercise, one's body will definitely lose a certain amount of water that will make you feel tighter, lighter and definitely leaner. That's why celebrities use the treatment to look good for glamourous events coz its immediate water loss i.e. short term (not sure about effective fat loss). Who knows whether our body really absord the so called minerals and we also don't know what minerals went into our body right?


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          3rd and 4th treatment

          I had my 3rd treatment on tues(20/7). Did sea salt scrub with hot blanket and sauna.

          Met another lady there she bought the $8288 package on her first visit. and 2nd visit they ask her buy another $3000 plus package to top-up. she didn't buy it but told me she very regret buying the package(by the way she went marie france b4 going SS and say marie france also no good)

          My 3rd visit my consultant say manager willing to give signed letter guarantee will reach my target if i buy the $8288 package. I bought one time of the machine trial(Powershape) $267.50. They also give me a diet plan.

          On my 4th treatment yesterday(25/7), I lost 0.5kg. the original $8288 package offered to me is 25 treatments and free Ipad. but i not interested in Ipad so she offer 28 treatments. Yesterday she tell me they prepare the guarantee letter for me. but my consultant say the terms i not good so she dun think is really valid cos it states i cannot increase my weight(even by 0.1kg) if not the guarantee don't apply. n of course near our menses sure will get a bit water retention(at least i notice i every month near menses will heavier and bloated about 0.5-1kg) so a bit unfair.

          Now the package become $8200, 39 treatments. cheaper n cheaper ***? i put a $50 deposit for it first but now hubby dun think i should get it even it become cheaper so my next session i just c can change for *** or top up for 1 more wrap ***.

          Hai, time to hunt for another place!


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            5th treatment

            Went for my 5th treatment yesterday. arrived late so was expecting that my treatment be cut short but it wasn't.. that's good.

            did sauna then wrap and hot blanket. weight increased again although only reason i can think of is the previous time i came in the morning so hadn't eaten but this time i went evening so had eaten in the afternoon. for some reason not having much appetite so thought it was due to the machine but its not... hmm...

            hubby refused to get me the $8200 package. i haven't noticed any change n certainly can't get into my old jeans yet(roughly about 3 weeks treatment-twice a week) but my measurements did reduce waist and thighs about 1 inch. was planning to buy the package on my own and use as relax n see how cos i heard from another consultant(gorgeous!) that she herself bought the package and it help her lose few kg. but couldn't get instalment since i no credit card(i'm housewife no work where got card?)

            anyway i bought one more wrap by topping up my deposit.
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              I was curious as to what body wrap is all about and bought the $38 Voucherwow coupon. Today I went to SS to use the coupon. Coupon stated that I will be given a free gift which turned out to be an umbrella (SS did not gave me the gift at the end of the treatment).

              First, my body weight and composition was taken and I watched a video introducing SS and the wrap. Next, my consultant examined my body and repeatedly asked me to buy a package for 3 wraps for $450 which included my $38 trial wrap. I refused as I wanted to try the wrap first. I was asked to shower, then she measured my body, and wrapped me up. She put a coat over my wrap. Although I refused to buy the package, her service and attitude throughout the session was good. I didn't feel want to exercise and she let me use the infrared sauna, which was relaxing and comfortable. During the wrap, she came back twice to check on me and added more solution to my body. I lost a total of 7 inches from different parts of my body.

              When the session ended, she tried to persuade me to buy another package for about $450 - sea salt scrub + thermal blanket and 2 more wraps which she will customize to ensure I will get optimum results from the wraps. I like her attitude and service so I bought the package.


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                hmm... any more reviews?


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                  It has been a long-term battle for me and my fats. I'm standing at 1.52cm and for my weight wise, I have gone from 70kg to 48kg now over the past many years and the most effective method should be taking Herbalife as meal replacement.
                  However, due to the weight loss, my body is damn flabby and loose thus I'm looking to tone up my body.

                  I've bought the $38 discount voucher at and went down on Sunday to try it but ended up signing up for the $4000 package. Regret now but too late. Due to the signing up of the package, my consultant (Cherry Chor) advised me to detox my body first for the first session so it will be more effective for the body wrap the next session.

                  For the first session, I was put in the sauna for 15 mins, followed by the thermal bed for 30 mins, lost only 200grams but Cherry says will continue to lose weight as the body detoxifies (not sure true or not, I'm monitoring xD).

                  Cherry gave me 2 pieces of paper which is a list of the food that I should eat. (Same methodology as Mary Chia and LFI (acupuncture slimming) that I signed up previously but totally no results!!! ) 2 days totally no carbo to detox the body. The other 5 days can take limited carbo. My weight seems to be going down over the past 2 days but I think it's due to I'm following the food list instead of my body detoxifying itself. Haha.

                  I will be going down for the body wrap this coming Saturday and will update again then.


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                    I also bought the SGD38 trial at and went for the trial with my friend today. Bought a 5+1 package as well...kinda regret..but i guess I'll try to do more work out and watch my diet to complement with the treatment. Hope it works...though I seriously dun see much result today...


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                      Chance upon, seeing my consultant name here, so decide to share my current exp with suddenly Slender.

                      I signed up last July for $3500 packages. For the past 7 years, I was customer for many, many slimming centre. Marie France, London, Mary Chia, Spa centres slimming, aimin acupuncture. None of them really worz for long. (Mary Chia - sign up $2000 RF and ultrasound - with black probe - can see a bit reduce in tummy but **** learn that frequesncy kina thing bad for female womb; London i spend $6000 - dry up my skin and i hate their hardsell almost every visit i go, zero result except water loss and emotinally irritating ; Marie France $4000, manage to lose 4 kg but the cold wrap is killling and i swear i will never go back for that cold wrap; acupuncture/ba guan - sound healthy huh, but cannot feel anything after $1600, but got improve in constipation; etc etc) so together i have spend $20k for slimming.. including sign up for gym member, exercise, yoga... (exercise and diet don't worz for me, and i am desperado to slim down)

                      So in short, i was 55KG in 2002, and was 65 kg in 2009 after 4 childbirth. again in hunt for slimming. after see my friend slim down after 2 months with them, so i purchase voucher from **********. they don't give me very convincing result at first (8.5 inches overall, but ads say 6-20 inches) but is something new in the market, no harmful machine, no chemical, they guaranteed their wrap is not water-loss but toxic lose and replace mineral blah blah... then i bought the package ($3500 for their wraps, machine, cleansing for 2-3 months). since already spend so much, no harm trying cos maybe the mineral thingy can boost my health ***, according to cherry and so said in the internet and magazine. She said my weight is due to mineral deficient, childbirth and harmonal imbalance. which i agreed becos my chinese sen seh said my body is very weak.

                      i cannot see much inch and weight loss for the first 3 weeks (visit 2x/week), even though i follow the meal plan. but very surprise that my back pain (imagine 3 epidural!) that haunted me for years is much lighten and gone, and my PMS was reduce for the follwoing month. Well, i am very happy for the health part but i told her that what i paid is for slimming, not health. i want to see result. She look a bit worries, but advice me that some of her customer only see result at later stage. fine, let's try on.

                      second month, i start noticing my clothes is getting bigger for me. all treatment same per last month. but i start to lose around 500-800gram every week. Cloud nine! by end of that month, i scale at 60KG.

                      What make me continue is an experince when i was posted for 2 weeks after being 60KG. no treatment, no meal plan. As usual, business trip means late and long dinner, oily and big serving for China appetite. I CAME BACK AND DID NOT GAIN ANY WEIGHT! Hhoaaa! (i did bring their detox coffee cos i have constipation). then after explanation, of what their treatments and mineral help to handle the health first, increase body nature function etc.

                      By end Oct, i was scaled at 54kg. 10kg+ after 4 month with balance package. Between last Nov till now, i only visit them once a month just to utilised my package, but my weight was maintain at 52-54KG.
                      hope these sharing useful.

                      ~~blessed always!~~


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                        I went to this For the trial,as stated $38 but end up they push me to get $49,
                        I got the $49 one,but the way they did is a bit funny and silly,wrap the body and then going to exercise...
                        I just feel like,when a girl go to saloon for slimming,definitely lazy on exercise or the part can;t be solved just because of exercise...

                        End up i wrapped and on the running machine for more than 1 hour..
                        frankly speaking,i told to the staff,i can actually do this work out in my company's Gym.
                        am i going to run every time here?

                        why not i just go run myself?
                        and actually my leg is muscle type,just the hip part is fat, do they really think running can help me?
                        why i should pay $1788 to run there? i can just run in my own gym...

                        therefore they said they have more than 100 kinds of minerals... i just told them,whats the different i go to drink multi vitamins in the GNC shop and then go to gym....

                        why should i pay this $1788? finally i didnt sign up for the really no result even after 1 session,they trying to measure saying loss 6inches,but actually they find out didnt reach 6inches and told me,because my skin absorb the minerals so cant see teh result =.=''

                        really nonsense....~!!!


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                          I just signed up for Suddenly Slender!
                          Cos now its GSS, So i paid $313, for a package of 5 treatments.
                          So far it seems quite good, i tried the body mineral wrap. But haven tried the rest yet... Will try and update!

                          Signature Body Mineral Wrap
                          Customized Body Cleansing
                          Lymph Drainage Treatment
                          Customized Slimming Elixir
                          -Far Infrared Sauna


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                            Just want to share with you all about my experience.

                            I went to Suddenly Slender @ 313 just now and would like to have a trial by using the $38 voucher. When I stepped into the shop, the staff was chit chating. Finally, one of them saw me and asked me to fill up a form. I could see the SA who passed the form to me was not in good mood! After that I have been asked to watch a video which let us have better understanding about the whole slimming process. (* Everything is fine for me, although their service standard is not what I expected.)

                            The consultant - Zi Shin, explained to me the whole slimming process and told me how long it will take for me to see the result. (* Good, she told me in polite and friendly way.) Before my treatment started, they offered me a $2688 package and expected me to make the decision immediately. (*Gosh, I do not even try their treatment.) I tried to explain to them; -

                            Me: I would like to try the treatment before I commit anything. It will make me feel more comfortable. Why don't we go for the treatment first?
                            Zi Shin: Oh... you cannot see the result in one treatment.
                            Me: Yes, I understand. However, I think I should have a feel for the treatment before I commit anything. (*Yea... I repeat it again...)
                            Zi Shin: I do not want you to waste this $38 for nothing. Here is the $788 package, you could enjoy... blah blah blah...
                            Me: Sorry, I really do not want to commit anything at the moment. I understand this is your job but I really hope I could have a feel for it before I commit anything. (* Repeat again & again!)
                            Zi Shin: (* Raise up her voice.) I'm not selling you anything now!!! I'm giving you my advise!!!
                            Me: (* I'm shocked and haven't woke up.) Thanks for your offer, as I told you that I prefer to try it first. (*What am I doing??! I still thank her?!!!) Maybe you can stand at my point, then you will know why I do not want to commit anything to you.
                            Zi Shin: Client normally listen and follow what I have planned for them!
                            Me: (* I really can feel the fire from my body!!!) But I'm not those client!!!!
                            Zi Shin: I want to tell you again that I'm not selling you anything ***! Ok, you can go for your treatment now!
                            Me: (* I follow her to the changing room. After that, she just go out.) ... ... ... (* I think this is really not I want! So I go to the counter..)
                            Me: Excise me... I think I do not want to do my treament.
                            Zi Shin: You want to waste your $38 voucher?! (* Don't even ask me the reason!)
                            Me: it's ok.
                            Zi Shin: FINE!
                            Me: (* I... I... I really do not know what I can say more!!!)ARGH~~~~ =(


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                              I went for a trial few mths ago, bought it during the previous groupon deal at $38 at 313. They took down my particulars and asked me to watch a video. Then started to steam w/o making myself wet/damp before going into the suana room. After tt they started to wrap and stand on a vibrating machine for almost an 1hr w/o stopping.

                              After the trial was done, they ask me to go into the room to psycho me to get their package without even explaining or tell me how much inch i have lost. I didnt even want to prompt them to tell me how much i have lost. They keep emphasing on their package and ask me about my budget. By then i was already turn off. What's the point when they didnt tell me the outcome? I wont be bothered to go back there again.

                              As for now, I'm trying London Weight Mgt, at least they are more sincere. Wont even recommend Suddenly Slender to my friends/colleagues.


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                                I went for a trial just last month. The service was okay. did see some inch lost on the first trial. So I did buy a small package. Will wait and see. Hopefully can help me lose weight.