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Why do you buy candles?

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  • Why do you buy candles?

    as i was burning my candle last night, this queston suddenly pop out of nowhere: why do we buy candles? and what are factors that affect your choice of candles?

    i see that here in cozycot, most of us are pretty much concerned about the intensity of scent throw. and i wonder is that is the only determining factor?

    factors which i can think of off-hand are:
    - scent
    - scent throw
    - aesthetics (ie how it compliments your interior design)
    - color of candle
    - type of candle (eg pillar candle, tin candle)
    - size of candle
    - total burning time
    - quality of wax (and wick)
    - price
    - others??
    so just throw in your comments!
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    heyhey! For me, the most important thing is the scent. Nothing nauseating of course. But most of all, I tend to go for scents that are comforting. Another important aspect would be the amount of soot that the wicks give off when they burn. And lastly, the cost! I'm not a person who's willing to spend too much on something that i'm going to "burn away"


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      hee, for me, i fell in love with candles when i was overseas and i saw how candles can both add scent and a warm glow to a room! so pretty! so the scent is definitely most important to me! that is until i have my own house!

      but about the soot thing, i think you can minimize it by placing the candle in a place without draft and by trimming the wick to 1/3 inch


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        love candle for the scent and atmosphere . The candle lights soften my home, transform it to somewhere relaxing, comforting and romantic. It is a cheap escape compare to holidays

        - scent (green / floral / woody for rainy day)
        - scent throw (good scent throw = save money )
        - aesthetics (like to rearrange my candles display as their length will be different from time to time)
        - color of candle (must be white / beige or any natural colour... no red! )
        - type of candle (pillar and glass jar)
        - quality of wax & wick (no black soots and wire wick)

        SO set Baies as our home scent, his fav!


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          scent and price are my only 2 determining factors.