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  • amanda's updated 10.10.04

    hi~! had seen some of the fotds and they are so good!!.. so!...thought of doing one to catch the fun!! fotd for the very very first time! had a hard time to capture true colours using my cam (gettin a bit frustrated)
    hee.. sorry if its a bit lousy..dont really know how to do fotds.

    just thought to share my favourite natural makeup look. the colours should be obvious! but dont know y i looked more toned down in the picture..

    this one's with no foundation
    with my favourite loreal blusher! (b4 that, i never know low end blushers work well too)

    i dont look really nice haha (hope u all dont mind!) but i like natural sheer makeup, so just to share~!

    alright tried to do a sheer smokey look... all mac except the mascara from shu uemura

    got a lil breakout so pardon for the lousy skin.
    insearch of a good foundation still.. so no foundation on my face!

    <img src="">
    <img src="">
    <img src="">
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    am going forth to try on colourful eyeshadows !


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      Hello FrozenPiG!!!

      *ThaNKs* for sharing!!!

      Just saw ur photos!!!
      U looked very YounG & Youthful~!!!
      Can I know how old are You???
      I like ur FIRST photo!!!
      U looked sweet in it!!!
      Ur hair looked great in it too!
      Looked silky and healthy!!!
      U did rebonding???
      Ur skin looked good without any foundation too!!!
      KeeP ur Photos cominG!!!


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        Hey amanda, i love your hairstyle. suits you very well!
        are you a hongkonger? cos you mentioned "have a friend coming to hk"


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          thanks thanks! i actually used mac's white frosts eyeshadow on my lid and it doesnt show! duhz~

          im 19 this year n i absolutely dont look like it. my neighbour (who have been living with me since im born) always ask me "going for work ah?" when i practically tell her everyday that im still schooling now! haha

          yup did rebonding, 1 month back i think. im so afraid of new roots growing out..

          btw, can u pm me ur password? have been wanting to take a look at ur photos..'cause u look very sweet in ur avatar with the blusher!


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            hi clarins! nah im not, just having a friend coming over this week. Read from MUA that MSF is pinkish~ so was wondering shld i or shld i not?


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              HeLLo aGain amanDa!!!

              Ur nick is very cute!!!

              Just PM u my Password!!!
              Will reply u more when I'm more free or back home today!
              Oh! I can see ur MAC's white frosts eyeshadow on ur lids!!!
              Even *BEFORE* u told me!
              So, don't worry Okie~?!!!


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                thanks for sharing! Btw, are u working at a toothpaste co.? :x


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                  Amanda, looks great!


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                    Thanks for sharing your photos! If I have your type of skin, I will NEVER want to wear foundation

                    Can't really tell your colourings from the photos but not all MSF are pink-based I am using MSF #6.5 and have tried #5 before... don't really feel they are pinkish.


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                      youthful & wild charisma!!!! way to go girl!


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                        thankz girls~!
                        anyway vonnie~ ive got uneven skintones! like u know, darker around my eyes.. looked kinda washed out if i dont apply concealer! which totally dries out my eye area.. im a lancome photogenic #1 , the palest colour thou.. dont know which shade suits me...

                        Hi hinna! haha yup! just for 3 days, its a aquafresh roadshow!

                        ohhh btw again.. haha how do i update my fotds if therez new ones?? create another thread or??


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                          ah, no wonder I see the logo of aquafresh on ur top!

                          I think to add a new FOTD, just insert a new photo on ur first post? That's the way it seems to me!


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                            hmm?? but i cant seems to edit my first post


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                              Originally posted by FrozenPig
                              hmm?? but i cant seems to edit my first post
                              HeLLo!!! Oh u can EDIT ur post always!!!
                              Just go to ur first post..Below ur words has the box EDIT..
                              Click it..and u can insert new photos and edit ur original post already!!!

                              *ThaNKs* very much for ur compliments!!!
                              Where did u do ur Rebonding, Amanda???
                              I like ur hair very, very much!
                              Ur fringe is layered and it frame ur face just well!!!
                              I like ur hair length too!!!

                              *Hahaha*!!! So cute!!!
                              I find that u are YounG lookings!!!
                              Hmm..How come ur neighbours think u're working already!