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  • Beaute De Kose Sensational White

    anyone tried this new product from kose b4? care to share ur experience?

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    Sensational White Washing Cream

    I had been using this until recently I passed on this tube to my sister. My skin type is normal-dry and this cleanser makes my skin feels tight, dry and uncomfortable. When I went over to Kose counter to purchase some skincare items recently, I was told that my skin can't take on this washing cream. Instead, I should be using the one with a red cap from KOSE - GRANDAINE (anti-aging) series. I think I had try enough washing creams...they are basically too drying to my skin. Of late, I've moved on to milk cleanser from Darphin and alternate it with HABA Powder Wash (which once finish, I would not repurchase). I would recommend this to those with oily skin.

    Sensational White Protective Serum SPF27/PA+

    This is a sunblock that protects the skin from UV rays and prevent blotches, freckles and rough skin from sunburn as what it states on the website. This one makes my makeup more long-lasting. But the texture is very different from Cosme Decorte White Science Advanced Day Protection which is also a sunblock. The Beauty de Kose one is drier whereas Cosme Decorte is more moisturising. I don't think I would repurchase this once it finishes. I would rather pay a little extra more for Cosme Decorte Advanced Day Protection at least it doesn't make my skin drier, and also I'm using some of Cosme Decorte and Kose skincare products right now.


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      I bought the trial set - washing cream, toner and moisturiser.

      It was pretty ho-hum, slightly drying, which is not good, even though I have oily skin, I just felt that it was dehydrating the top layers of my skin. Didn't notice any dramatic whitening difference either...

      I wouldn't repurchase.