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  • Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

    am currently doing a project on this.

    If anyone is considering permanent results, look for more info at these weblinks

    (technical part in their website still developing)

    types of cosmetic procedures

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    I am slim but I never look nice in long pants coz I have saddlebag thighs Last week, I went to see a plastic surgeon in Malacca. He told me that these areas just don't go down even with regular exercise. I am quite agree with him as with regular exercise, I am able to slim down my arms, my tummy and even my face but the fat at my hips and thighs just don't go down. Worst still, when I gain weight, my hips and thighs bloat up faster than the rest of my body

    According to the surgeon, it will cost me about RM3000+ for the liposuction (thighs and hips). He also told me that it would give me lasting result since I am not fat.

    Anyone try liposuction before? Does the effect really last? Any side effect of the surgery? After the liposuction, let say if I put on weight, will my hips and thighs still bloat up faster than the rest of my body like before?

    Besides, anyone that faces the same problem as me able to slim down her saddlebag thighs by ways (exercise, slimming products or slimming pills) other than liposuction?

    I need to make decision whether to undergo the surgery very soon, really need help


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      Maybe a little OT, but anyone tried Rhinoplasty before?


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        celinne, personally I believe that if you are prone to fats accumulating in your thighs, liposuction won't change that fat. It just removes the fat that's there now. So, if you put on weight after liposuction, the fats will still accumulate there.

        Does the effect really last? Well, that depends on whether you put on weight or not? If you did not, then yes, it will last.

        Side effects. I dont know of any side effects of lipo, but you will get temporary bruising and that area will hurt.