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  • Perfume allergy

    I was using a new bottle of TBS' Vanilla EDT and i realised that it causes my skin to be red at the areas that were sprayed. It looks like an angry red patch and then it disappears completely after 20 minutes or so. I've never had such a strange reaction to any perfume before. Anyone know what it might be? :huh:

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    oooooooh, I've never had that before, but it sounds like you're allergic to something in the perfume but that it's a volatile component since the redness disappears after awhile. Tricky...


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      Do a simple test. continue using the perfume for a couple of times. if the same reaction occurs then you're allergic to it.


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        i have the same reaction too! But onli to certain perfumes like DAvidoff cool feels itchy sometimes too...but goes away after a while...


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          It might be an idea to spray on other patches of skin eg leg, upper arm and see whether the reaction is limited only to a certain area or it's just generic.

          If the red patches don't get worse over time every time you use it, not just over 20 min, then I wouldn't worry too much about it. But if it's persistently itchy, then it might be good to get a doctor to check you out for allergies.

          If you really like TBS's vanilla, then you could switch to perfume oil instead of the EDT, which is heaps stronger anyways.


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            Thanks everyone! Yes i realised i might be allergic to something in there so i stopped using it! Strange sometimes u take perfume ingredients for granted..never guessed that i could be allergic to something in there. Thanks all


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              i have really sensitive skin so i get rashes from prefume. if i get a perfume that gives me a rash i spray it in my clothes to get the scent without it touching my skin