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    Snake oil is so popular and well-received... Have you ordered, paintedpoppies?


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      Hey girls, nope I haven't ordered yet astarte...If you're interested I might be putting in an order soon...PM me ya?


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        Hi Jean, Did you manage to order last time? Could you give us a short reviews? TIA


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          I did but vpost lost my order!!!

          Still waiting for them to look for it.


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            Ohhh that's terrible!!!

            hope they find it for u soon


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              Finally got my BPAL order (no thanks to vpost)! After a while of testing out certain fragrances here's my review. I got 7 imps + 3 freebies from the lab! I also bought 4 samples off the BPAL forum!

              Jezebel - I had high hopes for this one, but it turned into musty roses on me. No honey no orange blossom which was what I was hoping for. This was pretty much quite a let down. So seeing as I don't like roses so much this goes straight into the swap pile.

              Haunted - The amber comes out in full force here. My friends hate this one one of my guy friends even said that it is a scent to drive men away. Anyway this is OKAY on me, it dries down to a powdery scent similar to Snake Oil. Nothing too special to warrant a full bottle.

              Hellcat - This was super booozzzyyy on me. I could smell the rum and more rum. Didn't like it so I swapped it away.

              Black Phoenix - Cherry and something else green, I couldn't place this scent. It is sweet though but didn't really appeal to me. Pretty interesting.

              Voodoo - Smells similar to Snake Oil to me. Less oriental spices.

              Bon Vivant - Champagne and strawberries! Very uplifting scent! I like this one it is fresh and you can smell the champagne and the strawberries. Very realisitic champagne smell.

              Black Dahlia - Very strong magnolias, it gave me a headache after a while. Uninteresting dry down.

              Malice - Okay, definitely not a sweet scent. Didn't appeal that much to me.

              Arachne - Indistinct flowers, pretty light scent. Smells a little like pourpourri to me.

              Black Rose - Freebie from the lab. I usually don't like roses so I was surprised that I actually like this one. Very dark, lush kind of rose.

              Snake Oil - This is very unique, oriental sugared spices that dries down to a sweet creamy vanilla with spices. I love the dry down alot!

              O - This is my favourite of the lot. Gorgeous gorgeous honey scent. Very thick and rich and lush...! I could bathe in this, definitely getting a full bottle! This dries down to a very beautiful skin scent with hints of honey.

              Vixen - I definitely can smell the orange blossom here. The ginger is spiky but morphs slightly to be less obstrusive. Quite nice, I am a fan of orange blossom though.

              Sophia - This is a very very nice lavender smell. I was quite surprised because when I smelt this in the vial I'd thought I'd hate it. Very weird animalish smell that disappeared when I put this on. The spices are very strong here but slowly blends together with the lavender to create a very calming scent. Still on the fence about the full bottle but definitely gorgeous!

              Persephone - Very juicy fruity rose. This smells slightly like Tresor to me. Nothing that impressive though I like the scent of the pomegranates!

              All in all not a bad order! I had a few hits - O, Sophia, Black Rose, Bon Vivant, Snake Oil and maybe Vixen! Definitely interesting and worth the wait!


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                Lucky you Jean! I've tested a dozen BPAL castoffs from swaps myself and they've pretty much ALL smelled feral on me, and very true to their descriptions.
                I have to say though that Elizabeth who creates the BPAL scents is very talented- if you want to smell like burnt ash from a fire or wet earth from a graveyard, then she's got a scent for you.


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                  Great review Jean!! Woke up more lemmings in me Interested in O and Bon Vivant... hmmm


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                    Almanthea which scents did you try? I was wondering whether it was the musk that makes the scent animalish/feral?

                    I'm plotting a next order already so Julia if you wanna combine again do LMK... probably send in an order when the next 2 weeks for when the next update comes up. I was wondering about Beltane and how it would smell like, also want to get imps of Perversian, Dana O Shee, Queen of Sheba, Anne Bonny, Wanda, La Petit Mort, The Raven, Swank.

                    Just realized that's alot of samples! Oh and I also want to get a full sized O.

                    Julia, I'd pass you some Bon Vivant just that I only have a tiny vial which I diulted with alcohol to make a spray so if you have a small atomizer I can meet ya and pour you some? I'm all out of atomizers now, wondering where to get some good and cheapie ones!


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                      I wanna try too after looking @ the's kinda gothic. Its supposed to be used as perfume??? I can't seem to find any samples...


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                        Hey girl yes the whole layout is kinda gothic. I like it though.

                        The scents are sold in a perfume oil, they are pretty concentrated so you can dilute them to make sprays, roll ons etc.

                        For samples look under Imps Ears. Basically you can choose any regular scent to be an Imp hths!


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                          Thanks Jean!!! Mix with water to dilute them??? *Blurz*


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                            I dilute them with alcohol to make a spray, some people have tried vodka and everclear. There's also carrier oils like peanut, jojoba etc being sold on BPAL if you wish to dilute them


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                              *Hhaha* Alright... Alcohol and not water ~ *laughs*


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                                Originally posted by Jean
                                Almanthea which scents did you try? I was wondering whether it was the musk that makes the scent animalish/feral?

                                I had so many at one time, not even I can remember- I swapped away the entire lot! A lot of them smelled gross on me, but a few were simply too heavy/intoxicating.
                                I thought it might have been the amber but it's strange cos Estee Lauder's Intuition smells divine on me and has an amber base note, but it's been reported that they use "mineral amber" which for them is a new version of amber they introduced.

                                Here's what I can remember of the feral ones:
                                Danse Macabre

                                Black Forest

                                Lovely/Interesting, but just didn't quite work:
                                Val San Retour

                                I still can't pinpoint exactly why the feral ones smelled the way they smelled.
                                Hopefully someone can figure it out...