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    Snow Moon is only sold for one day, 16th Nov. So if you buy Snow Moon, you won't be able to wait till the update on 18th Nov...

    And there's no description of Snow Moon (we'll know only on the day they're selling), so its sort of a gamble actually.

    As for the update... I'm not sure if they'll have LEs or normal scents, so... Better order now if you want the Halloween scents!
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      The scent doesnt stay on me..........

      Does Unicorn stay on you... it just disappeared on me after an hour...

      Sad Sad......

      When u girls ordering?


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        Any of you girls have any oriental/spicey amber scents to recommend from BPAL?
        Similar to expensive amber scents from L'artisan or SL etc. I kind of like GLS's Ambre de Nepal, this first whiff smells expensive (for less) and I actually enjoyed it.


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          How about ordering by next week? So send me your orders by then?

          I'm sorry I don't know any good amber scents but you can do a search on the BPAL website itself, MUA has good reviews too and also check out their forum at!

          Tons of reviews there!


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            I just tried Anubis. I'm sorry but I think it smells like a mama shop!


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              Hmm, I think The Unicorn lasted quite okay for me... Only the citrusy scents disappear quite fast for me...

              Er, Anubis is so bad? I wasn't interested in it based on the notes and description, but I saw reviews mentioned they smelled something fruity and sweet, like caramel or honey... Oh well, thanks for the 'warning'...


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                anyone smelt both GLS and BPAL honey notes? similar? GLS's honey doesn't work on me.. smells metallic arrrghh.


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                  Haven't tried GLS honey notes before, but I don't really think some of BPAL's honey scents like O and Honey Moon smells like real honey (to me, at least)... Only Jezebel makes me think of honey.

                  Hey, Antique Lace is back! It was discontinued earlt this year and made a lot of ppl sad...

                  Site Description:
                  Nostalgia encapsulated. A soft, wistful blend of dry flowers, aged linens, and the faint breath of long-faded perfumes.

                  Although the description sounds very potpourri-like, but the reviews sounds so good! A vanilla/clean/floral scent...


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                    that sounds like a scent I would like! Floral floral!


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                      GLS Pot O Honey smells like thinner to me.......
                      BPAL oil doesnt stay on me at all.. *sad*

                      Unicorn is very floral too.. I think u girls will like it.

                      Side track abit... hehe I ordered S&L Stella and I'm loving it! Much better than the real stuff and its cheap and lasts the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                        Just a reminder girls, I hope to order by this week so let me know what you want? Unless anyone really wants to wait for snow moon?


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                          Originally posted by huishan
                          that sounds like a scent I would like! Floral floral!
                          I'm not too sure about that... Actually people described it as a vanilla musk scent with a little floral... So if you expect it to be very floral, you might be disappointed...

                          Hi psyence, did you order S&L in a roll-on/spray/others?? You mean even the other BPAL oils doesn't last on you? That's quite surprising...


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                            I am going to make my order(halloween+yule *wishlist*) on the lunacy update for snow moon. Anyone interested in jumping onto the bandwagon, PM me for details! Hmm... it will be through Paypal though and we will share shipping. =)
                            Oh... I am so curious about the anniversary update. Wonder what Beth is thinking about... She is really a genius. lol
                            So, what are you cotters getting? There are so many LEs this year!!!

                            tackey: Oh... You ordered Beaver Moon!!! I missed it since I was having a break from my BPAL addiction. *sobs* Please do review the perfume blend when you receive it!
                            (PM my if you are willing to do a decant of it. I can decant my Ice Queen, Wolf Moon or Chaste Moon in return. )
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                              I think the Halloween scents will be taken down when they put Snow Moon up, so maybe you can join Jean's spree for the Halloween scents and those who want Snow Moon can join your spree? Have the best of both worlds, hehee...

                              I'm quite excited about Beaver Moon but it wouldn't be here for maybe 2 months... I don't mind swapping an imp with you since I'll never finish the whole bottle, but where do you get empty sample vials to decant them?

                              And another question for you, how much shipping did you usually pay and how many items you bought? I wonder if their shipping quote is consistent...


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                                Thanks tackey! I misread that part about the dates... Will pm Jean and settle the stuff and all...
                                And onto decanting... maybe you might want to check out this thread ? I don't see the imp vials around in SG though, might have to try the Net(like Sunburst Bottle ) for suppliers. I am thinking about ordering from them since they have good feedback on the BPAL forums.HTHs!
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