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    Made solid scents out of my BPAL vials. Recipe ideas from BPAL forum.
    Got beewax pellets and jojoba oil from Plant n Planet at Centerpoint. Plastic screw top tubs (Slightly bigger than L'Occitane tins.) from Guardian.

    Look like drug addict ok?
    I used aluminium foil to melt the beewax over a tealight. Added part of the jojoba oil and warm together over the tea light. Mix an Imp's worth of scent with the remaining jojoba oil in the tub itself. Warm it over a water bath if possible, else it gets too cold for the bee wax mix and it'll go chunky.
    Pour the beewax/jojoba mix into the tub and stir to mix well with a coffee stirrer. Try to mix it as evenly as possible and leave to cool.I think the pots hold at least 5ml if filled to the brim.

    I didn't bother to use any measurements, just judge by eye.
    on the board, it's 1/3t (about 1.5ml) of beewax for 5ml of oil and 1 imp. The imp will be diluted by about to 20% strength. And, the scents are still too concentrated.

    Wings of Azrael is my favourte of the lot I bought over from Tackey

    Go and experiment!!

    Edited to add: Eternal now reminds me of jasmine soap or beach sun-tan lotion kind- of scent.
    and LOVE THE SOLIDS, wear it by rubbing the scented wax into my hair
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      Oh paphio, you make me want to find the name that particular scent which you let me test on my arm and make my own perfume! Still cannot forget that scent The next time I start putting drops of perfume oil all over me, I am going to label that part of my arm with the name of the scent!


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        Vonn are you interested in ordering? If so PM me asap yes? We got enough orders to go through already wheee!! Very excited


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          Cheap cheap... not expensive... for about $10 bucks you can make a tin of solid scent with one BPAL vial when L'Occitane's solid cost what... $13?

          $2.60 for the beewax and jojoba, $1 for the container + $4.6 for a vial +shipping.


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            Jean, thanks for the offer. But paphio and myself are having trouble identifying THAT particular scent which I had on my right arm when playing with the scents! Just cannot forget that scent.

            I think we will be having another round of sniffing on Friday. When will you be ordering? If you are planning to order before that, please go ahead


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              Hi Vonn, I can wait for your order so far I'm waiting for people to do fund transfers in so it's still open!


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                Just made my 1st pot of solids because of lovely Nging!

                Mine went slightly chunky but it works great!! So fun to make these and I love BPAL all the more!


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                  Also gotta add that planet fitness is an awesome place!! Extremely fascinating! I was thinking of buying some esscential oils! Their range is pretty wide!

                  They have alot of stuff there like gel bases and cream bases as well and also some incense! I ended up scoring a sandalwood soap but have yet to try it. Also their soap is sold at very reasonable prices. 2.70 for maybe about 2oz of soap? There were others like rose and tea tree etc.

                  I had a really good time browsing!


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                    Jean, let us know when you placed the order. I'm so excited! :D

                    Anyway, I like how versatile BPAL oils are. I want to make my own brown sugar scrub, solid BPALs and perfume sprays! lol Where can we get unscented supplies at affordable prices and decant quality? Will check Planet Fitness out though but... where's the place? TIA!


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                      Jean u meant Planet Fitness (I thought its an excercise place!) or Plant n Planet? It sounds like such a fascinating place, I'll have to check it out soon...

                      Thanks paphio for the recipe! Sounds great! But will the solid BPAL have a throw too? Somehow I feel that solid perfimes have no throw... Or maybe the commercial ones are too diluted. :p


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                        LOL yes I meant Plant & Planet! haha sorry girls! Don't know where my mind is these days!


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                          Hey tackey and huette!

                          Just to check with you girls when you order and pay by paypal do you just send payment directly or mail them and ask for an invoice?

                          If so where do you put your scent choices?


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                            I order through the Paypal webbie and indicate my scent choices on the comments box. Can't remember what it is called exactly but if you need more help, let us know. Otherwise, you might want to check out the BPAL forums. They have a thread on this. HTHs! :D


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                              So you just choose 'Send Money' in the paypal website right? And indicate the scent choices in the comments box?


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                                Plant and planet, well, nice selection but some times I wonder if all their stuff are fresh, some stocks looked really slow moving. Eeks, never change their awful skincare testers that are very very spoilt.
                                I love the prices of their essential oils though. Quite reasonable.

                                I'm not sure about scent throw being affected in solids. L'Occitane's is pretty strong to me. Oh yeah forgot to add.. I'm testing rubbing the solid into my hair instead... scent seems to stay longer on the hair.. plus the wax and jojoba can moisturise it at the same time