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Can't stop buying Foundations!

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  • Can't stop buying Foundations!

    WHY? I have like many different foundations already in all colors, textures, types, brands etc and etc.. and I still want more! If someone starts raving about a new brand or product I just feel like I've got to have it! And the best part is, most of the time I just feel lazy and just put on loose powder only.. :roll: how am i going to use up soooo much on my own?

    And its not like my skin is bad or anything...grr...I think I'm going mad!

    Here's my list:
    Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick
    Cover Girl Smoothers Tinted Moisturiser
    Chanel Vitalumiere
    Giorgio Armani LSF
    Loreal Cashmere Perfect
    Max Factor Seamless
    Maybelline Wonder Finsh
    Mirenesse Emulsion Pact
    Revlon SkinLights Diffusing Tint
    RMK Creamy Liquid Foundation
    Trinity Tricolore Matte Foundation
    ZA Two Way Foundation

    Sigh...and I still want more...what a waste of money...

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    girl, i thought i had this prob until i saw this....btw, how do you get cover girl in sg?! or u got it overseas? does msia still carry cover girl makeup?


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      oh, I got it in Australia... I don't know if Malaysia has it though...
      glad to know I'm not the only one going mad right now....


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        same here too!

        i have:-

        GA LSF
        Maybelline Clear Smooth
        Chanel Vitalumiere (OTW to me)
        Loreal Cashmere
        Kevyn Aucoin Skin Sensual Enhancer

        Shu Uemura Velvet Perfect
        Stila Angel 2-way cake
        Chanel DPC



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          Do note the expiry date or lifespan of your foundation, esp when you've got quite a few.

          How abt selling those which you seldom/never use?
          I'm sure some girls here would love to buy some of your foundations, esp those which are not available in SG.

          For me, I've found my HG in RMK Creamy Liquid foundation, and have stocked up 2 tubes! Thus I would not go and tempt myself trying others!

          Hmm, guess the hunt will begin when the RMK tubes finished.


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            Ooh fush hows the ZA? I'm thinking of trying that one...

            maybe you can try narrowing down to what you really like e.g your HGs and sell the rest? Foundations have a lifespan so you probably can't keep it for that long.

            Gotta be realistic about it I only have 1 pressed powder and 1 foundation and only buy another when I'm finished with my current ones... Very tempted all the time but the look at my bank account scares me!


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              I agree with Jean - pick out your favourites (maybe one pressed, one liquid), and sell the rest. Be heartless!


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                Hey hey, I'm on the foundations-lemming phase right now also!!! Particularly because my skin turns dry and dehydrated and thus have lots of acne scars on my cheeks atm. But foundations/base makeups always have special places in my heart (and hole in my pockets ).
                Anyway, what I have currently:

                RMK Liquid and Creamy 102 (which are too dark I just realised :piss: )
                Armani MSF #2 (this is absolutely too pink for me, but I'll try mixing it with FS#2 next time)
                Becca Cashmere LSC
                Becca Banana Found Stick
                YSL Oil-Free Liquid #2
                MAC Hyper Real NC200 (BNIB )
                Clarins True Radiance Found #1 (the new one, combo-oily skin gals might like it, gives a very flawless look & no need to use powders afterwards)
                Illuminare FF & EC Portofino Porcelain (HG atm)
                EL Enlighten #20
                Rubbie&Millie Demi-Matte #2 Bone
                Laneige Oil-Free #13
                Samples of: Stila ILF, MAC Select Tint, StudioTech

                BE #1.2 (another HG atm if used with wet brush)
                YSL Powder Found Ivory
                Aveda Dual Base Cream & Aster
                Samples of: Jane Iredale loose & pressed, Glominerals, Twisted Fayte, MMU

                and I think I still have more .......
                And absolutely more to come!!!!!
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                  i used to hoard alot of foundations too until i found one which i really like. currently, my favourites are Ipsa Renew and Lancome Color ID. i used to have lots from other brands too like PX, RMK, KP, Estee but have slowly used up everything and now i'm left with stuff which i use and buy regularly.

                  fuchsia, to reduce your loot, either offer samples for sale or better still, sell the foundation and try to use them all before you start buying again. i guess the urge to stop buying will only end when you've found something which you can call your HG.


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                    Originally posted by seba
                    Rubbie&Millie Demi-Matte #2 Bone
                    How do you like this? This is the one that comes with the brush head right?

                    I love mine! It's so natural looking. The brush doesn't do a thing though!

                    *feeding more foundations greed here*


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                      I have thought about selling but I'm a hoarder you know? :roll: Its like I'm always paranoid that one day my skin texture will be dryer, then I have to use the more moisturising one, or if I want to look tanner, or more glowy...blah blah blah.... I can't be realistic about this! I just bought the Mirenesse one after reading good reviews about this, and it turned out to be a little too light for my liking. So I contemplated for days and days about selling it...but the hoarder in me can't let go...heh... Maybe I'll use it when I turn fairer, because currently I have a tan..

                      Paintedpoppies, the ZA one is still rather cakey to me...after reading all the reviews here i think I'd want to try KP or Ipsa?

                      Seba wow! You hoard quite a bit yourself too!


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                        Me too!!
                        I have soooo many foundations too.
                        But my HG is estee lauder's Ideal Matte. Its really good for combi skin like mine.


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                          sugarsweet, i used to like Estee's foundation too. When i had oilier skin in my tertiary days, i used to love one of their liquid foundation[it's also matte but i can't remember the name offhand and it's discontinued] from them. Luckily, i've found my HG[guess it's for the moment too] again.


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                            Originally posted by fuchsia
                            I have thought about selling but I'm a hoarder you know?
                            sounds exactly like me! except that it's not foundations that i'm crazy over. i try to limit myself to 1 loose power/pressed power/power foundation, 1 foundation & 1 tinted moisturiser but when i'm half way through of whatever i have, i find it difficult to make a choice cause there just seems to be so many good ones out there!

                            but i go crazy over eyeshadows & blushes which is weird cause i don't even use eye makeup when i go to school! :roll: still trying to learn how to let go of them


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                              you're not alone!! I've bought/swapped so many foundations but i hardly wear makeup just gave away some of my fdns yesterday to my relatives because i have too many and doesnt go well with my skin. Lucky i don't go crazy with blushes or eyeshadows LOL

                              This is what i currently have:

                              LP Skin Caviar Concealer Fdn
                              Max Factor Creme Puff
                              Covergirl Aquasmooth SPF15
                              Vincent Longo Water Canvas
                              Mirenesse Emulsion Pact
                              Awake Hydro Touch
                              IPSA Whitening Liquid Pact
                              IPSA Skin Renew
                              Calvin Klein Light Coverage
                              Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
                              Max Factor Seamless
                              DiorSkin Fluid Fdn
                              Laneige Clear Lighting
                              Stephane Marais Creme
                              By Terry Skin Perfecting fdn
                              Sofina Raycious Stick Fdn
                              Armani MSF
                              Paul & Joe Cream fdn

                              Stephane Marais Liquid
                              Sofina Raycious Liquid
                              Nars Oil Free
                              Paul & Joe Liquid

                              Dr Dennis Gross All in One TM
                              Boots Illuminating tm
                              Benefit you rebel
                              Covergirl Smoothers tm
                              Smashbox Backdrop cooling tint
                              Tarte smooth operator

                              Gave away
                              Max Factor Panstick
                              Max Factor Color Adapt
                              Covergirl TruBlend
                              Px Traceless
                              Becca LSC
                              Sue Devitt Tripe C Weed Whipped
                              Neutrogena Visibly Even Liquid
                              Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid