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    Everyone who got the lip balms from the spree I organised put your reviews there.

    I got


    Haven't open yet. The packing is too cute!

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    shanvin: It's kinda light pink..but you can't see any colour on your lips..well not on mine anyway...


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      Daphnee: The packaging is too cute to open isn't it?

      I like the Burt's Bees one the best so far, i haven't opened any of the snapple ones yet..too cute..


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        Actually the 2 item that i bought (the snapple and the bubble gum one) all didnt do much as a lip balm... Not moisturing but veri cute and have a sweet taste... Hmm will like to try on other lip balm next time


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          man, i missed the last spree!
          gosh i think i'd be most tempted to try out the hersheys and snapple ranges. they look so yummylicious!!
          oh yea and they're so good as little gifts too!
          boo... dun reckon there'll be another spree so soon huh...


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            I got this from the spree:

            Looks very cute, but it sucks! Sure the sweet taste of Snapple is there when you lick your lips after applying, but it does nothing for a lipbalm. I think it's the worst lip balm I've ever tried. Anyone who got this please sure your experiences with this too?

            Someone got this right?

            Please share your reviews with this! TIA!


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              i'm waiting for my lip stuff items to come..heard they are good...
              i dunno the last time i bought lots of lip junkies only to find myself alergic to them and gave them!


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                has anyone tried kiss my face for their spf?its sold out on the site so i wonder if its good.

                i usually like minty ones ,so for safe buys i guess these 2 should me ok

                very keen to try this but its costs $12!!


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                  Originally posted by Cel
                  I personally didnt like the BB shimmers well, I find it drying for a lip balm, texture not fine enough and the peppermint oil is a tad too much!
                  but what about the color for watermelon and champagne?? too dark?not glossy enough?


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                    Ya i'm a lip balm freak... Can't resist all the cute cute stuff... Was thinking of opening a collection... don't know if the lip balm can be left for a few years a not...

                    Anyway if you girls are interested i can start a lipmedic spree... Was thinking of getting something for my gal friends... What purchase you are recommend?


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                      reeeeally?? that's great!! wanna get the hersheys and snapple ones as gifts. think they're so quirky and unique la... just so nice to pop little gifts on friends. count me in if u're really organising a spree alrites!


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                        ooh lola posted a thread in cozyxchange sayin she's lookin for lip balms from lipmedic too... so sandy...pleeease organise one okies!!!
                        TIA!! hee


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                          Ok maybe i just do a quick survey ok? Those interested

                          1. Sandy
                          2. saphiration

                          Anyone else interested?


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                            oh me me! i'm interested! :yaya: they are way too cute! please include me if there's gonna be another spree! Thanks!


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                              Did anyone try this? Its a lip gloss

                              Looks sooo cute
                              Last edited by sandy; 23-09-2004, 05:10 PM.