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    I love eyeshadows!
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    Latest EOTD(s)

    Rainbow Eye

    *waves to mocha_fudge*

    Jill Stuart Seductive Eyes Palette in Sensual Fairy

    *waves to duckiee*

    A simple but feminine eye!

    First, I used a white and a purple Shiseido Hydropower cream e/s as bases (all over and lid respectively).

    Next, I applied 3 on the outer 2/3 of the lid.

    Then, I applied 1 on the inner 1/3.

    The purple runs a little red, so the cool toned purple of the Shiseido base toned that down. The glittery silver of 1 can be a bit gritty and scattered, so be careful on application - you have to press it on the lid for the glimmer, otherwise you get shimmer fallout.

    I then used 2 from socket indent to browbone - this one isn't matte; it's a satiny, very light pink that balances out the other colours perfectly.

    Lastly, I lined with MAC Powerpoint in Stubborn Brown and then applied 4 over that, applying 1 in the inner lower rims.

    The soft brown of 4 is beautiful. It is a muted silvered bark, shot through with beautiful multicoloured shimmer.

    Another view (excuse the cam reflection!):

    A Bourjois Eye aka A European Eye Makeup Eye!

    Make Up For Ever Pearly Waterproof Eye Shadow Pencil in #1 (Pearly White) (all over)
    Yves Rocher Luminelle Eye Shadow in Champagne (highlight)
    Bourjois Eye Shadow in Turquoise Ensoleill?e (outer lid/contour)
    Bourjois Eye Shadow in Vert P?tillant (inner lid)
    Bourjois Metallise Eyeliner in Brun Inoxydable (lashline/rim)
    Make Up Store Microshadow in Choco D'Or (lashline/rim)
    Make Up Store Microshadow in Sun Breeze (inner rim)

    A 'Why I Love Kate Dual Carat' Eye!

    This is Kate Dual Carat in BU-1!

    5 May 2006 Blue Green EOTD

    I generally don't use falsies but when I do, what a difference they make to my single lidded, somewhat small eyes:

    Sasa's Beauty Perfect lashes (a cinch to put on!)
    MAC Lucky Jade on the lid, Shu P Blue 655 and Shu ME Yellow 330 over that
    MAC Overcast from socket to brow, Make Up Store Sun Breeze over that
    MAC Stubborn Brown to line, with Kose Visee BR 307, a discontinued dark, sparkly brown to set the liner!

    16 February 2006 Red EOTD

    MAC Flammable Paint
    MAC Stilife from socket to brow
    KP S10 red over Flammable
    KP 150 cream over Stilife
    MAC Buried Treasure to line
    KP 150 brown over Buried Treasure
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      As usual, I can't stop praising abt your excellent blending skills. You seem to like rainbow style e/s alot!

      OT: Is tt your son in the avatar?


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        Yeah so awesome! I love the MUFE colors. Where did you get them from? How much? How would you compare them to MACs? SOrry, so many questions!


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          The rainbow colours (tr?s, tr?s bright!) looked Fabulous!!!
          Very Striking, Outstanding & Vibrant Colours~!!!
          *Thumbs uP*~!!!


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            Originally posted by stellat
            I love the MUFE colors. Where did you get them from? How much? How would you compare them to MACs?
            MUFE is @ Stamford House

            The addy:

            Make Up For Ever Boutique
            39, Stamford Road
            #02-06 Stamford House (up the escalator, to your left)

            The price: $32 each

            The texture: Rough, less fine than MAC or KP, almost like baby powder made of starch

            The colour pay off is there though, the blue stains the skin (can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it ) & the pink is extremely pigmented. The pink is my fave actually, have been looking for a colour of this power

            Do try the star powder in #944 (iiirc), it flashes a bit of turquoise blue, very oomphy over green e/s!

            I also LOVE the pearly eyesahdow pencils, make terrific e/s bases

            PS: These 4 e/s shades are all mattes (surprise!)


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              I would really need some of the pearly eyeshadow pencils! Mag, you sure are very experimental when it comes to eyeshadow colours!


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                Get them before they're discontinued, lovedust!

                Ha, some people would say I'm too 'wayang' (for foreign Cotters, that's a noun or verb meaning Chinese opera with heavy/bright m/u)


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                  Wow! I'm blown away (again). How did you acquire such excellent blending skills?


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                    wonderful blending!!!


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                      wow~ *bowled over*


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                        Ur pic reminds me of MAC's adverts!
                        Nice bold colours!!


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                          wow makeupmag....come across your thread I must say your make up skill is real powerful its like those makeup advertisement!

                          i really hope you can take picture of your step by step to teach us how to do this smokey eyes! possible....please??


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                            as usual your makeup skills are wonderful, hehe next time when i get married can i hire you as my MU artist?


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                              hi mag..,. me curious.. would like to see the make-up for the full face!! you are so good at blending!