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How did u start learning to apply makeup?

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    Originally posted by primrose_sg

    I always buy the mag in KINOKUNIYA @ TAKA, can find these mag at Chinese Magazines corner. I recommend BEAUTY and RAY. Can learn make-up process step by step from the detailed pictures, also the editor or MA would recommend some useful products or tools

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      i've found that the best way to learn new makeup skills is by joining makeup sites like this one and makeupalley even though i've been wearing eye mu since middle school, i had the most *boring* looks until i joined mua!

      a lot of girls post their makeup pics, and i learn a lot through those (esp. the ones of girls with similar features as me). and they're almost always super-sweet so you can msg them to ask them for tips or how they did a particular look.

      on mua, i highly recommend the following girls for good makeup pics: supergirl84 (asian), dreamer81 (asian), isatinxsheetsi, murdermobile, wiffa, and of course, the gorgeous atypical

      check out their pics! it's a great way to find inspiration for new mu looks


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        i used to love looking at my mom when she put on makeup.. that was i was young..

        My first basic makeup set(as in foundation, blusher lip gloss/lip stick) was when i was 13. Went US with my sch and my mom asked me to shop for her and i splurge everything on makeup!! That's also how i got to know MAC.


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          Piyo Piyo Yeah! I totally agree to the statement that joining this forum is the best way to learn make up skills~

          I bought my first lipstick, compact, mascara and eyebrow pencil when I was 15. By 16 I'm already using facial range from lancome and whitening stuff by Shisedo. However, the twist is till now even when I'm 24 I don't know how to apply good makeup, apply nail polish and don't even know how to put on eyeshadow. I'm like a total failure and it's so funny that I used to be so vain when I was young and now at my prime I'm such a slacker...


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            I got my first powder and lipgloss when I was I am 16 and have a full set of makeup. I think the counter MAs dont really help....mostly learnt from trial and error and from looking at mags...Although MAC does offer a hands-on makeover thing so you can learn how to do your own makeup at home


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              i have just started to apply make-up this year,it's great and fun!


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                i learnt thru trial and error, thru magazines ... still trying to master the art of makeup..


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                  i started wearing makeup since 15..compact, eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lipgloss. it was helluva experiment. so many embarrassing moments, now that i look back. haha now at 18..i really enjoy makeup..i look at it as an artform..something really surreal and beautiful. well i guessed i learnt it through mags, and tonnes of trial and error..


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                    Originally posted by bebelatte
                    I usually put on make-up without drawing my eyebrows because til now I have not master the skill. Any tips to share?
                    Do start w/ a shadow type of brow fillers. Easier to control & meddle w/ too.
                    I am still struck w/ brow shadow at my old ripe age.

                    Paint lips at 13 on Sundays (vain church-goer).
                    Occasionally paint face at church performances (forced to).

                    Cake face at 25.
                    Masc my lashes at 27.
                    Paint lids at 28!!!!!!!!!

                    Been reading Non-no since 18 but nv start proper makeup.
                    By time read MORE, JJ, CanCam,Oggi, took me another 4 years to start. Late bloomer too.

                    Till 2day, going no where w/ my lousy skills.
                    Oh ya, just bott my first lipliner last week.


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                      Originally posted by bebelatte
                      I usually put on make-up without drawing my eyebrows because til now I have not master the skill. Any tips to share?
                      Ohh gal, this is the worst makeup mistake, ever. I hope you've stopped doing this - not drawing your brows :note: Is it because your brows are too sparse? I'm just hazarding a wild guess

                      It also depends on the individual which method she prefers to use: brow shadow or pencil. I never mastered using shadow without turning myself into La Bi Xiao Xin (that comics strip boy, yes). Basically, if you use a pencil, draw feather strokes upwards, spacing each stroke a few hair strands apart, then brush away!

                      You should try to stick to your natural brow shape and not attempt to change it. An arch that's drawn too high can make you look old. I actually like straight brows more but that's just me


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                        My very first contact was when i was 8 years old, i played with my mom's lipsticks. My face's first brush with cosmetics was when i start to work at a cosmetic counter after my O'Levels for a few months. It was alright considering my mom was a beautician back then. did a lot of trial and errors... i was really careful then... only went out with what makeup thats alright to be seen... haha but think my hair need some help that point in time more than makeup.


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                          i'm one of those early groomer. Think i got influenced by my elder bro, not that he apply makeup, but he always buy one of those teeny mags like teens and teenage back then, not sure if they are still in circulation. I will oogle at those models' lovely pretty faces. And some of them will actually tell you the step by step on how to apply makeup. I mostly do my reading up from there, started at an early age of maybe 10, 11y/o.

                          In those days, my makeup are at first covergirl & maybelline and last time a brand call Physician's formula from the drugstores. I was also influenced by my friends. I came from an all girls' school, so girls tend to be more vain. hahaha... i had my 1st touch with blusher during a function at sec sch. Saw my friend applying this pinkish looking powder on the face, i asked her what it was. She told me it's blusher. I kaypoh and tested it on my cheeks. Hahaha...

                          When i started working, it's clinique and prescriptive. I can't imagine myself using clinique now. it's such a blah brand. Then slowly it's mac. I had only a tiny makeup collection consisted only a few mac & PX items. I can wear the same eyeshadow or blush until it hit the pan. I can't imagine the same happening to me now. Since joining CC, my makeup collection has grew sooo much, everyone says my table looks like makeup counter. "so many colors!!!"

                          Sigh... my makeup has grew but not my savings. Now, that's a shame.


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                            I started in earnest after I entered university (at least 7 years ago now - wow), so late bloomer here too! I found the newsgroup, and for a few years followed and contributed faithfully there. Anyway, I think I learnt all my basic makeup skills there, most notably that you could use a flat "push" brush and a dark eyeshadow instead of eyeliner pencil, which I've always had trouble with. When I went down to London, I would make my rounds of the cosmetics counters (MAC, Stila, Trish McEvoy, Nars, Laura Mercier, Chantecaille, Urban Decay, Benefit, Vincent Longo, and I don't know what else). I scoped out the latest seasonal colours and everything was a must-have! I bought lots despite the inflated prices. When I came home for the holidays I would check out all the Japanese products I couldn't get in the UK. On my first trip to Hong Kong after getting into makeup, I probably went a little crazy

                            I loved going for makeovers, but soon learnt that real makeup artists did a better job than counter SAs. MAC makeovers are usually fun, and I learnt some basic skills from Trish MAs, who, using their excellent brushes, like to do one half of the face and have you do the other. The most exciting experience I've had were the two makeovers I've had at Vincent Longo (Selfridges) by top makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez, then Longo's assistant (I even saw the man himself there once!), now with Smashbox. He really is good! Nothing terribly creative, yet so skillfully done. Till this day I can't quite replicate his marvellous technique with eyeliner and shadows.

                            These days I have more makeup than any sane person and non-MA ought to have, and am probably a bit too jaded for this board! Recently I've regained interest somewhat, but I buy a lot less than I used to. (Good for me!) In conclusion, I can say that good makeup skill is achieved through trial and error, and nothing else. I mean, who would know your face as well as you do?


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                              CaramelGirl Saresha

                              WOW!! Totally impressed!!!

                              Think i will take another decade to attain yr skills & collection.


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                                Originally posted by bebelatte
                                I usually put on make-up without drawing my eyebrows because til now I have not master the skill. Any tips to share?
                                Firstly and most importantly, get your brows shaped and trimmed. Then it's a simple (?) matter of following your natural brow shape. I don't think there's a need to extend beyond your own brows, especially if you want a natural look. If you find a pencil hard to control, try a brush and a suitable eyeshadow. The MAC MAs are usually pretty good at showing you how.