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How did u start learning to apply makeup?

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  • How did u start learning to apply makeup?

    as above.

    try and error on ur own? ask for mom's help? go to e counters for free makeovers?

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    Learn from friends!!!! That's the best i think..but sadly my friends all dont wear much make up / never wear at all....ahhaha...

    How i wish i got friends who are make up artiste or working in cosmetic counters.ahahha.....


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      by trail and error and by reading magazines


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        when i was posted to an interior design consultant firm for attachments with a girlfriend & i see her with make-up on & so i went to bodyshop to purchase my 1st blusher, eyebrow pencil & lipstick.. (i had thought that was it, didnt know there is such things call foundation, powders etc) that was when i was 20... a late bloomer i know... kekeke

        no one thought.. was all experimental....


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          My first lipstick was when I was 14; 2-way cake was 15 or 16, I think; eyebrow pencil, blush and blush brush was 18; mascara and lipgloss at 21 or 22; lastly, eyeshadow at 23 -24.

          I'm always the vain one at home, even now. LOL. Since my sis is 7 years older than me, I had this idea of looking pretty and putting on makeup and skincare stuff at a v. young age. Even when I was in primary school, I liked to watch my aunty doing her hair. If I remember correctly, I started using cleanser when I was in primary school.

          Both my mum and sis only use eyebrow pencil, lipstick and 2-way cake. Plus I'm the only one with creaseless eyes at home, so the only way to learn is trial and error. Another way is of coz magazines. I've been to counters for makeovers, so far not many gave me what I want but I did learn abit from them. Afterall, they are trained makeup artists.

          Nowadays, internet provides alot of information about makeup, cosmetics and skincare too. Google around, you probably find what you want.

          How could I forget! I learnt some tips from a few friends here too!
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            Mine's definitely from trial and error Oh, and of course tips and photos from magazines. I have always been vain and goodness knows how much money I have spent on foundations of the wrong shade etc I started looking for foundations and pressed powders when I was 17 - 18 and the only brands I could afford were the drugstore ones. But with no testers, I think I wasted even more money

            As for eye-shadows and blusher, my first encounter with them was when I bought my first set for my JC Prom


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              smokeyeyes you are still not a late bloomer.....i started makeup only at the age of 23 because my buddies started dragging me to partying and they were putting on full make up while i was BARE faced and wearing specs!

              After I think 2/3 times i decided to wear contact lens and started learning makeup from my girlfriends and seek for help with those helpful SA in the make up counters.


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                hi smabbit.. really 23?? phew... keke

                wow.. u seek advices from the SA huh?? me never dare visit any SA (except bodyshop) until i really have the spending power as they always gave me a feeling of snob & prejudice to young girls (at that time)... but am glad now we feel like queen at the counters..


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                  yah 23 really a late starter. now thinking back i still do not understand why i dare to step into those clubs without makeup and wearing specs!

                  don't forget by the time i was 23 i think i sorta of have spending power thus able to seek the help of SA but i remember the 1st SA i approached was Inovi the SA was extremely friendly and helpful she helped me to choose afew e/s and even teach me different ways to apply.

                  That's why I was crazy about inovi last time i had almost all the e/s and mascara even a outrageous yellow green.


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                    I started with baby powder when i was 16 then moved on to compact powders and blushers when i was 18 then by and by my collection increased with the foundations, e/s & etc ...... i picked up by trials & errors and from friends who have been most helpful


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                      I did my first make-up on my 10th birthday... haha... i used my mum's stuff, i first applied eye shadow... i remembered it was either lilac or blue and then any lippie I could find... and lastly a blusher... so... it was quite a bad one... haha...

                      I didnt do any make-up thereafter... until I started clubbing when I was 17/18... still... i read mag and copy those looks in the mag... But till now, my skill is still very lousy... :puke:


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                        I am a late bloomer when it comes to using makeup as well. I think I started when I went to uni but my makeup was really basic at that time. I only used a foundation, powder, mascara and lipstick. After I got married at 23, I started buying lots of makeup and learnt through reading magazines. I have spent a bomb on cosmetics in the last three years but thankfully, I started to cut down on makeup expenses about 9 months ago. Now I hardly buy makeup anymore though I still get excited whenever I see new releases from the various brands.


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                          i started experimenting with my mum's makeup when i was 15, learning through trail and error.

                          my very first makeup item was the tea tree oil concealer from TBS. came in very handy to cover breakouts. i even used it to conceal my dark circles!


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                            Through meddling with my mom's stash with disastrous results mostly. But i first started when i was 15 at Bodyshop with my virgin purchase with the boring but very much handy concealer. And it soon graduated to eyeshadows and the works!


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                              started off by sifting through magazines and then buying the featured products. then lots of trial and error at home. after which, started asking MAs for help. unfortunately, i'm still really bad at applying eyeshadow and liner. in fact, i only bought proper eyeshadow brushes after asking mag and stella for help.