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  • Anti-Aging

    Let discuss this topic.

    I'm on the look out for such products.

    Which antiaging skincare products are you using right now?

    What does it do for you? Is it helpful?

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    me!! the paranoid about ageing one is definitely ME!!

    loreal visible results cleanser
    loreal visible results gellified toner
    loreal visible results moisturizer
    chanel make-up base SPF30

    loreal gentle cleansing milk
    loreal skin refining facial wash
    loreal visible results gellified toner
    chanel lift serum
    chanel ultra correct eye
    chanel rectifiance night cream

    3 weeks ago when i was undergoing training at the head office, we need to put on make-up, remove to do a differnt make-up then put on new & remove again.. my skin protested, turn dry, dull & sensitive to touches.. was soooo bad i was upset about it. no color, no radiance & i see fine lines (laugh lines).

    as i was faithfully on visible results & pore minising range only then, i continued but it no longer worked as SKIN refinining turned dry on me. things never gotten any worst before. i was devastated. i began applying 2x the amount i do for visible results for day & started using make-up base with sunscreen before make-up (i only realise the importance of suncreen to women any age during training, sun makes our skin sooo bad!) & earnestly went looking for line minimising & lifting products, went by to chanel & has heard raves about their products.. took testers for LIFT SERUM & ultra correct eye & bought the night cream. now at least i dare say my skin is returning to normal, the moisture level began to balance up & even with make-up on, its better & smoother.

    as we age, our skin goes dry. this worry me alot. now i depend so much on moisturisers with anti-ageing effects!!

    AGE! why must we??


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      quite surprise no one added contributions... doesnt anyone do the anti-ageing thingy anymore??? or am i plain paranoid... kekekeke


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        Haha I don't know about the others, but I'm getting about my fines lines and other yucky stuff. I'm using Biotherm's Age Fitness (the green tub). Don't know about the effects, it's pleasant enough to use. Nice scent and texture.
        Also using Dermalogical skin renewal booster on an on-and-off basis. Don't quite like this one cos it stings my face.
        I really should use something for my eyes :piss:


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          The mainstream products recommended for antiaging are retinoids and AHAs, to a certain extent BHAs though it's not their main purpose. Other cosmeceuticals like copper peptides and stronger acid peels, microdermabrasion also come into play. It all depends on what problems you wish to address.


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            Hi SMOKEYeyes,
            So can I asked if the chanel eye products are good? I am looking for something that can work for my dark circles and fine lines. I have been using shiseido's bioperformance eye contour cream but did not seem to help. talking abt antiaging, i also think the signs are getting more obvious. The serum that u were talking about was for what purpose? helpful in anti aging?
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              hi SMOKEYeyes,
              forget to add, I am using Loreal's products too and the whitening mask and the Double chamber whitening essence quite good. My friends and colleagues commented that i look more radiant and asked me what new products did I try, after I started using like for 1-2 weeks.
              Preventing dark spots and also think sun causes a lot of aging signs so started using whitening products when I thought that since I am so tanned I need not use whitening products. Then i realised I am wrong and must use such to prevent more signs appearing


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                hi bubble...

                yep.. signs of ageing is so upsetting right??

                the eyecream i am using is the ultra correct range. frankly i havent feel the effect & i must say loreal's revitalift eye has got faster effect like the next day or something & u will see smoother, clearer skin around the eyes. i dont have problemswith bags or dark circles so its hard to explain to you if its effective for that.. however for preventing lines it may have a bit of effect... in the long run.

                the lift serum i am using is like a creamy serum thats suppose to have lifting effects.. i must say the results are not fast or visible but my skin & complexion are definitely improving. its creamy texture with wonderful smell & kinda disappear from the skin after application. its an additional step before moisturisers. i would do anything now to slow down the effects of ageing though i cant slow down time. i m still using the trial pack & i know i will need to buy it soon. but its so pricey & i can only afford like 1 item from chanel a month! kekekeke.

                in addition to that, (& totally agree with you about the sun) i am also avoiding the sun!! i used to love sun tan sooooo much. now, i cant imagine i want to do that as sun speed up ageing of our skin & causes pigmentation & wrinkling.

                my few buddy girlfriends whom are still constantly going suntanning locally or overseas have their fine lines showing on their eyes & visible freckles recently as we are all now 27. we met up last weekend & i began to notice that. its quite scary & freaked me out but of course i did not mention anything to them as they love outdoor soooo much. most of them also do not use sunscreen when they go out. i cant imagine doing without sunscreen now!

                & just like you... i never believed sun causes such damage until recent months.. it must be AGE thingy!


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                  Hi SMOKEYeyes,
                  I also heard from my friend that the Loreal Revitalize eye lift is not bad but I think I used it many years back and did not seem to work for me. Also probably i did not use it so faithfully ha... Now that i began to see more and more lines on my undereye area that I am getting worried. Most importantly I begin to feel the impact of sun as I have 3 freckles on my cheek area and one on my chin which I did not have before! so rather panicky. I also that kind lazy to use sunscreen and thought that it is only when we are under sun for long period then it is necessary. However my friend told me that as long as I am stepping out of house I should put on sunscreen. I only started recently.
                  Sigh... thought of trying the Chanel eye cream because I saw a few cotters mentioning in the eye care threads.
                  Still considering and asking around. Some say Clarins but I did not use Clarin products and I tried using one face contour lift sample and was too strong for me so rather scared of trying.
                  By the way, how much is the Chanel eye cream?
                  Thanks for sharing.
                  Bubble :late:
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                    Bubble, please be reminded not to use SMS language in your posts. You have some *** which should be edited so that people can understand what you're trying to write (please read our Bulletin if you haven't already). Thanks!

                    I use the Chanel eye cream too. I doubt it eradicates dark circles. I doubt most eye products do that, and many would agree with me. Dark circles are sometimes hereditary or they come about due to fatigue and poor eyecare habits (I'm guilty!). Using an eye cream is good for keeping the skin around the eyes supple and plumped up, since the first signs of ageing usually show there :piss:

                    IIRC, the Chanel eye cream costs about $80-90.


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                      I swear by Clarins' multi-active range which minimises fine lines. I've gotten a lot of compliments since I started using this line. Some of my friends swear that the lines on my neck are less obvious and asked me what I've been using!


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                        hi Glossie,
                        sorry about the sms short forms. I have edited them. I did not know why they became asterisks and now I know haa...
                        by the way gals, thanks for the comments. I heard about Clarins and thought of trying. But today I happened to pass by Estee Lauder and I also saw on cozycot that some of them said the night repair eye cream not bad and the SA is super friendly that I got from her. My eyes have been without eye cream for one week plus and so I bought already. If this one not working then I will try others ha... Because Shiseido SA not friendly and the product didn't work for me somemore that I decided to try others ha...
                        Did not try Estee Lauder products before also... hopefully I am not sensitive to it...


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                          Hi again, Bubble. No sorrys needed okie?

                          I've always heard raves about EL eye products. The Re-Nurtiv one should be good. Too expensive for me

                          Hope the Night Repair works for you!


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                            Hi Glossie,
                            Ya I just realised my friend used that before too. She said not bad but expensive. I tried and so far so good. Hope to see my eyes improving ha... think eyes, neck and hands are the tell-tale signs of AGEING!
                            I just received a letter from Shiseido Circle for the graceful aging seminar. Think they are launching a new product or what called Bio-performance Super Lifting Formula. hmm... wondering if really good. I am a Shiseido product user and so far I am quite ok with them just that the eye cream did not work for me so I moved on ha... Hey, if anybody tried this product, do share the comments
                            Fight AGEING together!


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                              I am looking for some really good and updated products on the anti aging range. Would like to hear some feedback from the rest of you.

                              1) Brand name:
                              2) Price:
                              3) Good for:
                              4) Feedback: