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Who's into keeping your original hair colour?

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  • Who's into keeping your original hair colour?

    Hi, I am just wondering who is into keeping her original hair colour. That is no colouring and/or highlighting.

    Why do you choose to have your hair in its original colour?

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    :wave: that's me.

    realise i need healthy hair rather than coloured/highlighting hair.

    save money as well.

    edited to add: thought i can colour my hair better with my white hair next time. of course not flamboyant pink at that age! i guess i will use much of dye when i am older. for now, i treasure my original hair colour.
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      I'm one of them too!

      As my original hair colour is a bit dark brown & also my hair texture is soft & straight.

      So at the moment, I don't feel like doing anything to it. As natural is the best



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        Me three.

        Before that, I had my hair colored thrice. Basically, the reason for keeping to its original hair color is because I think black hair is easier to maintain (in terms of money factor), less damage done to the hair as well as it suits me.

        But my hair is very dry at the ends now and i'm considering doing hair treatment.
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          I have never done any colouring to my hair before so i have it black for all my near 24 years of existence. It doesn't mean that my hair is in tiptop condition now, being 'virgin' hair and all, it's damaged from my *almost* daily blowdrying so the ends are so dry like hay


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            Went for a highlight for the 1st time for ROM. Now the highlights still on my hair but I will just let it fade away or until i go and trim my hair for it to be gone. I wont be highlighting etc in near future because 1) save money 2) save my hair hahaha 3) my hair color quite nice brown tone so I dont see the need to highlight/dye too.


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              i can't differentiate, my natural hair colour is abit brownish. I have went back to my black hair days and the hair growing out seems brownish.


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                have u bleach or do anything to yr hair before? my friend used to bleach her black hair and she said now all her hair is brown, medium brown tone


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                  Me another one... save my hair from anymore damage and save $$ too.


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                    count me in too. but it's really laziness on my part. i'm too much of a bum to go for touchups.


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                      I keep my hair in its original colour too. I used to dye them but when I was pregnant 2 years ago, I got worried that it may have side-effects so I stopped. Thereafter, I found that natural colour actually looks better on me and by not dyeing my hair, they are less dry and brittle, hence more manageable. I do rebond my hair though.


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                        I was tempted to dye it in high school but my mother forbade it. When I could actually do it I just didn't think it was anything special. Also, the dyes are carcinogenic. I'm not doing anything extra to promote getting cancer if I can help it.


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                          i've coloured my hair since i entered that means for ard 2 yrs plus.......kinda sick of the dry hair...

                          recently finally managed to cut away all my coloured hair! so much softeR now!! can save the colouring money for shopping...


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                            Count me in too. Used to colour my hair, thought it makes my orginally dry and fizzy hair more dry.

                            It took a long while before i managed to trim off all my coloured portion. After that, I've decided to stay by my original hair colour.


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                              Me too! Mainly because my bf don't like it. I'm always tempted to colour my hair whenever I visit salon. Just recently I thought I might just get away a few streaks but guess what, he doesn't like it as well.. :roll: *sign*