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  • Glass nail files

    i saw on ebay that they were selling glass nail files and just wanted to know has anyone tried these and are they better then normal nail files?

    pls leave your comments

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    Glass nail files seal the nail edge better as glass is much harder than your nails and don't tend to cause microfissures in the nail edge. Softer files fray the edge a bit as it's not as "clean". It usually costs about $15 or so. The link didn't work so I don't know how much that's selling for.

    Sealing the edge better means less chipping, but it's still best to do your nails every week and cut off a bit of the edge as that's where most dirt accumulates.


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      I'm thinking of getting a glass file as well, mainly for pedicures and smoothing away rough skin. Eyeing this one from Tweezerman. Anyone tried this yet?

      Tweezerman Glass Pedicure Smoother & File