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    Jep, would yo know where SM is available in HK? Jemay was saying the loose powder's good too. I tried to get to the webbie but it's under construction. Would like to know my shade. I wear GA MSF 5.

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    yes SM is available in HK - dunno where sorry. Any HK cotters here???

    I'm LSF5.5 - 6 and i wear #03 since #P3 is really pink on me for cream and liquid foundations.

    I'm waiting for my loose powder and concealer to arrive any time soon As for loose powder i got them in #1 & #3 and concealer in #3. Just hope everything will match my skintone


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      i think SM is available @ Joyce Beauty in HK. they have branches in times square (causeway bay), habour city (tst) & a few others that i don't remember offhand!


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        Thanks, Duckiee. I still have a problem with shades!

        Oh yes, Jep, what's the damage like for the cream foundation and loose powder? It's all right if you have it in AUD.


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          Sm is available at joyce beauty in HK.

          Not Jepunnye but Prices should be HK 350 for the loose powder, concealer & the foundations. In australia its AUD $68 for the concealer & loose powder, AUD $ 72 for the cream foundation & liquid foundation, AUD $50 for their pre-makeup cream. hths

          And might i just add that their stuff rocks!! I dont need foundations but am willing to wear his foundations...

          Jepunnye ----> is there much difference between the P shades and O shades? thanks I am lsf 6.5 & i wear concealer in #4 & loose powder in #1 and foundation #1. hmm...weird, maybe i need mecca to re-colour match me again....
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            nutty - i'm a yellow base undertone so i can't really go well with pink tones shades. The P stand for PINK and O stand for Ochre/yellow? Anyway, i tried P3 but look pinky on me so i tried 03 and it's ok on me

            Glossie - check for AUD prices


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              Stephane Marais Creme foundation sounds good too. Like Glossie, i'm interested in finding out my shade too!


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                I've the SM mu base, concealer and loose powder now and waiting for the cream & liq found and the compact powder . (All thanks to a wonderful cotter, who's having fun at Paris atm )

                For reference, I wear GA LSF #4, MAC NC20, Stila ILF 20 Watts, Becca Cashmere LSC, Banana/Praline concealer & stick found, and I used:
                SM Perfect Concealer #2
                Loose Powder #1
                Cream & Liq Found O1 (I think it should match me well as I've the same skintone as my "shoppingbuddy" and she wear these shades)

                Jep: What shade is the loose powder #3?

                Nutty: Concealer #4 and found #1 sounds weird to me too :huh: .


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                  seba - how's the MU Base? is it better than LP rose illusion?

                  I haven't receive my concealer and loose powder yet. It's on its way to my mailbox A friend of mine who helped me to buy this is similar fdn shades like me - MAC Nc35, LSF 5.5 so she just get the # that matches her with the help of Mecca SA.

                  She said that loose powder #1 is natural yellow base shades - i tried sample of this and it's wonderful #3 is slightly tinted. According to her, with loose powder #3 i can use this by itself since it's color. I'll review them once it arrives ya!


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                    seba ----> how lucky to have someone buy it from paris! are the prices much cheaper there? can you post them please? ohhh the compact powder is fantastic!! but i was told there is very little product in the pressed powder...i wish they came up with refiillable compact powders!

                    yes i know...i think i need to be colour matched do you know the concealer colour is the right colour for you?

                    am actually lsf 6.5 which means i should be a #3 if jepunnye is lsf 5.5-6 takes a #3

                    aiya confusing


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                      Originally posted by seba
                      GA LSF #4, MAC NC20, Becca Cashmere LSC
                      SM Loose Powder #1
                      Cream & Liq Found O1
                      Dammit. I'm in between all these shades! I can wear Becca Cashmere although it's a tad fairer. Are the SM colours forgiving? The next darker shade in the yellow range is not too dark for a LSF #4 and #5 in-between?


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                        Hi Glossie;
                        Sorry I can't help you with the shades, I never saw them in person. A friend of mine share the same coloring as me, so I just got them based on what she uses . I haven't even GET them yet, still on the way .

                        My friend told me these prices:
                        Cream found: 34 euros
                        Liquid: 32
                        Compact Powder: 31
                        I guess this would be cheaper than HK, and definitely from Aussie .

                        I haven't use the Pre-MU Base yet, still finishing my Covermark. I also wanted to wait for the SM found first so I can wear them together .


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                          SEBA -->Thanks. Oh yes its much cheaper! You are so lucky to have a friend buy it for you!! Have you tried SM's retractable brush?

                          SM Pre-makeup cream ---> It is great! It just seems to grab on to the foundation and your face looks flawless. But I only sampled it and its pretty mositurising so I dont know if there is a chance of breakouts.

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                            Stephane Marais color comparison

                            Not sure if this helps, but I took a pic of myself using SM Cream Foundation #P2 and #O1, in an attempt to compare the colours. However, somehow it turns out looking pretty similar (to me).

                            Currently using #O1 and it seems to match my skin colour decent. I couldn't decide between #O1 and #O2, took #O1 in the end cuz I've heard some people using Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser #Nude and LSF #4 match with #O1. Hmm.. difference between #O1 and #O2 is very subtle in my opinion..

                            Just for reference, I use IPSA Protect Liquid Foundation #102, and RMK Creamy Liquid Foundation #102. KP Micro Sheer #10. MSF #2 (too pale though..)

                            <center><img src=""></center>

                            SM Cream Foundation is indeed very heavenly! Might just be my HG! I would describe the finish as satin-ish, and feels truly lightweight. Coverage is lighter than RMK Creamy, thicker than IPSA Protect. Similar to GA MSF, with better oil control IMO.

                            Loving it!


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                              Compact powder is the loose powder? Same?