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    Hi anyone tried Murad Skincare line that is developed by top dermatologist in US? I hope to start this thread so that everyone can share their experience on this skincare line.

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    i've tried the pomogranate moisturising lotion (pink packaging)
    v light and lovely smell. but not really sufficient for dehydrated skin. normal skin might love this tho!


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      I saw a newly opened Murad counter at Seiyu Bugis. I read their hydrating toner is peach-scented. Sounds yummy!


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        I popped by the bugis counter few days ago. Don't really like the SA there cos she is not very friendly and she is like a robot who has memorised all the product info and just pours out everything to customers. I mean i can read all of that myself!

        But back to the products..... seems like a wide range.... SA says Dr Murad is the one who invented AHA? Is that true?


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          I guess the SA is very new...

          But yeah you're right Dr Murad is the AHA man. Here is a link for more info : Murad at Sephora


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            was interested in the enzyme mask so i checked out the prices, think we're better off getting them from US. SG prices are much higher. Dr Murad has his own homepage if you wanna read more Murad My friend uses the moisture silk eye gel and he finds it good.


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              saw this at SaSa holland V. not sure if the prices might be cheaper than the Bugis counter. interested in the Vit C range.


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                I'm using the Vit C Essentials range for cleanser and moisturizer. Still recovering from my previous Clinique and PMS breakout so will update if the Murad range works At least it's not breaking me out! The cleanser is just nice for my slightly dry skin and moisturizer is not oily at all. Funny smell tho!


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                  I'm using the Vit C cleanser and I just love it! The smell is nice, washes clean and not too dry..

                  I like their tinted sunscreen too with SPF 15.. not oily but it will be better if it is a little thicker.. it's more like fluid kind.. but still not bad.. hee

                  Using the smaller sizes of the whole Vit C range as they have a promo right now. Can get it at 99 bucks (original price :220).. will try and feedback.


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                    wow that's nice gals please feedback as I am interested in the vitamin C serum too.


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                      anyone tried the Acne Complex range of skincare products from Murad? quite keen to hear users' comments if you have tried. do share!


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                        I'm currently using their Essential C Vit Cleanser.. weird smell I find, but I think it cleanses well and dun dry my skin at all.. cos the last cleanser i used was from Nuskin and it dried up my skin like hell!! But thank god for this cleanser.. abit pricy though at $69.
                        Also using their Blemish treatment so far, it controlled my breakouts.. lesser pimples at the jawline, quite pleased with it.. but ex lei.. at $99...
                        Lastly, also using the Cellular Hydrator.. cos Nuskin dried up my skin and the SA recommended this to hydrate my skin.. and it really work. No peeling anymore.
                        So far been using for 2 weeks so far so good.. good job controlling my breakouts, not very oily and my skin is supple.. only thing is the price..


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                          Welcome to CC, Snoopy! Do hop over to Babes to intro yourself! We'd like to know you a little better!

                          I believe the star product must be one anti-ageing serum (with AHA, of course)? Think it's mentioned in Her World - the one with Jeanette Aw as CG.


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                            snoopy> which blemish treatment is that?

                            i'm currently using the following products:

                            Clarifying Cleanser (1.5% salicylic acid)
                            it has a very cooling effect, but avoid rubbing it onto your eyes too much as it might feel too cooling and irritating for some. cleans my face without drying it.

                            Clarifying Toner
                            i feel that this toner, over a few times of usage, gets a bit "burning" for my face. i think it could be the witch hazel. i use this very sparingly now.

                            Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel (1.0% salicylic acid)
                            this feels a bit like glue and it's supposed to be good in controlling breakouts.

                            Skin Perfecting Lotion
                            i like this moisturiser. it doesn't have that super greasy feel and even though my skin is quite oily, it absorbs pretty well into my skin.

                            Oil-Free Sunblock for Face SPF 15 (tinted)
                            haven't tried it yet.

                            i tend to be very generous with the skin perfecting lotion on my cheeks/sides of the face as i am worried that the overall cleansing/toning might be too drying for my face. read from forums/reviews that many users got breakouts from using it, and then there are those who have very good skin from it. so i deduced that it's probably too drying for us, thus leading to breakouts... so must try to balance the oiliness and moisture.

                            i find Murad very expensive as well. the entire starter kit costs $169!!!! the SA was trying to make me buy this other acne treatment gel but i refused!

                            have been using this for a week. will update regularly on the results!


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                              My bro just mentioned this brand to me yesterday. Its alot cheaper if we purchase from the states

                              Now my lemmings just got started