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  • Home-Made Pitera

    wooooow ! Believe your eyes!!it's actually possible to "grow" pitera from the comfort of your own home!! Not only is it cheap, it definitely contains no preservatives! are you all getting excited already? khe khe khe...

    1st of all, you will need to purchase a special yogurt machine (i belive i saw 1 in Red Man retailing for SGD40+).

    - Fresh Milk (requsite for home-make yogurt)
    - Active Yogurt Culture (requsite for home-make yogurt)
    - Coffee Filter
    - Clean glass containers

    - Prepare yoghurt as per manufacturer's instructions (usually will take 8hrs)
    - Fit coffee filters over glass mugs/beakers
    - Put small amounts of yogurt into filter, within seconds you will notice a opaque liquid dripping ...
    - yesh!! *voila* the liquid is actually "pitera" in its raw form !!

    *disclaimer : i saw this "recipe" over a taiwanese live beauty talk-show and the invited female guest TV personalities were all gushing that the liquid smells exactly like SK*'s products!! Upon application, they can feel a tautness and stuff like i thought can share with you gals... But i have not personally tried it myself so no verdict from me ya...maybe girls with a yogurt machine @ home can put it to test?
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    hi 5!
    i saw this show as well and was so engrosed in the show...

    if i remember correctly, it takes only 8 hours... so we can actually prepare this at night and go sleep and once wake up, viola! it's done!


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      saw this too, but they did say that in order to cultivate the correct erm bacteria (?) to make yogurt, the containers has to be vv clean if not the wrong bateria will be cultivated. so be careful!

      oh ya, and the remains of the yogurt after filtering out the pitera, can be used as a mask, right?


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        Wow..sound so amazing

        Planing to buy the yogurt maker, now there is an "extra" function to it. Going to get it this month after my pay day
        Think i will test the pitera on my hands first.

        p/s: you can add some honey to the yogurt and use it as mask.


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          Have anyone tried making their own pitera, how was the results?


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            The lady boss at Plant Planet in Centrepoint shared with me and my friends that by mixing a small amount of their digestive enzymes with rosewater or orange blossom water, you can get a similar skincare treatment like SKII's Miracle Water!


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              Wow.. Amazing


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                Please tell me which floor is plant planet shop located?
                I have been looking for the shop since it closed down in orchard point. Wanted to get some of their digestive enzymes & tincture.

                Thanks dear!