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    For those thinking of changing their hairstyles, check this out:

    Jap Hairstyles

    It also shows the evolution of hairstyles over the last couple of years if you click the older style books. If you move your mouse over the pictures, you can see the 3 angles/closeup shots of each style. The colours are great too!

    If anyone has links to other hairstyle websites, pls post. Thanks

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    woah! thanks for the website. simply love these feminine looking perms for long hair. now i am so tempted to get my hair permed.


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      It makes me sort of regretting straightening.


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        lovely! but styling the hair every morning can be tedious.


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          thanks for the site Dreamie

          the japanese always seem to be able to style their hair so well. loved the few hair styles, med to long length and then slightly curl and wavy at the ends. it looks so simple and nice, but it properly looks dull and messy on me, proven by my previous experience of perming my hair....


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            this jap site categorize the hairstyles into 3 lengths.


            the models all look great but haha, loads of backcombing, blowing n hairspray needed i am sure.

            if this is an outdated or mentioned before site, someone kindly delete this post.


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              have seen in japanese magazines sold at kinokuniya.. actually i think it's a wonder that all the pictures featuring people on the streets shows that the girls and ladies with wonderfully done up hair!

              absolutely japanese hair styles! but considering on the fact that a lot of time is required for styling.. i supposed it's better if i keep my hair in an easier-to-style fashion.


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                Do check this out too. (note: all in Japanese words)


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                  Seeing the pictures make me wanna go perm curls.


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                    yup, i m thinking of it too.

                    an good places for jap curls?


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                      Hi Gals! Thanks so muchie for the webpages.

                      Soft perm (near shoulder length after permed) makes face look fatter?

                      i always thought so.

                      My colleague just permed, OMG, seemed like she gained 5kg, no joke.

                      If permed then straighten, any major damage??

                      Pills - do u mind neighbourhood shop (they do carry modern processes like Extenso straightening too)?


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                        this comes in great times!

                        i was thinking of getting a perm. my face is rather round and has strong jawline. which cut - for long hair, is better for me?


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                          this one looks good...think the model has a rather round face too...
                          Last edited by feifei; 16-11-2004, 07:39 PM.


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                            Length reaching at least the bra line is more ideal than shoulder length or just slightly below shoulders.
                            Remember to factor in the "swirl-up" length to visualise the final effect.


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                              hmm... have a square/strong jawline i think perming helps in softening it if thats the look you wish to achieve.