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new york skin solutions locked me up in a room

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  • new york skin solutions locked me up in a room

    I can totally empathise with you. I got it once from NEW York Skin solution after the so called trial. Indeed they locked me up in a room and tried all means to get to sign the $5000 package. I resisted till they have no choice. My best experience was with a neighbourhood salon which I stayed with them for many years till the boss decided to wind up the biz for personal reasons. Then I signed up with Beaute Hub which is equally pushy but not as bad as New York skin solution. Each time I go for my facial, they will bug me to add on new stuff. I feel so stress going there. Till now since the beginning of last year, I still have about 4 sessions with them (my total package was 7). Never enjoy going. So I decided to hunt for another one and I bought a group on voucher from Perfect Skin. I just redeemed my voucher yesterday and it was a huge mistake to go to them. Below is my complain letter to them via email and the reply was super insincere and read it for your information and never fall into their trap. I am super angry too. I had to pay a small amt to "BUY" myself out of the place as I was already in a rush to pick my kid from school. Initially I had no intention of sharing the complain anywhere on internet but with their unapologetic and insincere reply I have decided to sound you ladies out here. They should be glad I never post it on their Facebook:

    To the managing director new york skin solutions

    This morning I redeemed my groupon voucher to do a Guasha facial treatment at your Tampines 1 branch. When I met your consultant, immediately she sat me down and told me this treatment I bought is actually more for getting rid of water retention and its not as suitable for me. I should top up another $98 to upgrade to the Lifting facial instead. Well, she was warmth and friendly and seemed very sincere. I trusted her judgement and felt well, for another $98 I will give it a try. The facial went pretty well. I must say your beautician Kathy did a fairly good job. I was happy with her service. I am actually hunting around for a new beauty salon as I hate going to my current one in Simei which always hard sells their services on each of my visit. It was stressful going there. I was hoping your salon will be different and so I can consider coming to you after I finish my package there.

    Although I was happy with your treatment, I am afraid I will never come back or recommend anyone. You manager was rather aggressive. When I said I needed to consult and discuss with my husband first as I wasn’t prepared to sign up any packages today, I was told the offer given to me for 10 sessions ($188 is only valid for today. I am fine with that. I told them no matter what I need to speak with my husband before I make my decision. after all I still have several sessions with my current beauty salon. She then offered me to sign as a member for $300 that included 5 facials. When I refused, she says she will take off $98 from the $300 for today’s lifting addition so I only need to pay $202. Well that’s not my point. The point is I am not willing to sign anything and they know I was in a rush to pick my son. So she finally got down to asking me to top up $52 to sign up for just one more Lifting facial and promised to not bug me with anything on my next visit. Honestly, I was put off and I do not believe that she will let me out of the salon without paying anything extra again the next round I step in. In the end, due to the rush for time, I just agreed to pay another $52 on top of my $98 that I agreed to top up initially in order to get out of your salon. In actual fact, I have no intention of stepping in again. I felt stressed,once again. Hate that feeling. So you can have my $52 but I am never gonna consider anymore treatments with your company. Its scary how you all run the business. I guess you are no different from my current beauty salon from the behaviour of your staff. I believe they must have been trained to do that. Its very disappointing.

    I am being cordial by writing in to you personally to complain instead of doing it on your social media. Hope you will look into better selling techniques and consider long term business. But for me, once its enough!

    [you]Their reply:[/you] nyss reply

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you for your email and for not sharing in social media. We will speak to the staff on their need to sell in such a brash manner.

    Warmest regards.
    Chuck Ang
    Marketing Executive