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Breakdown of Hospitality Jobs & Career Paths

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  • Breakdown of Hospitality Jobs & Career Paths

    If you’re certain that you want a career in the hotel industry, you will need to decide exactly which role is best suitable for you. A wide variety of jobs consist of the entire industry, so people can find success in one facet or another. It’s usual for people to start in one department, then switch, sometimes multiple times, between roles or departments to build a holistic understanding of hotel operations. General managers need to have worked in nearly every hotel department before reaching the GM role. It might seem daunting but remember that it’s quite common to jump between departments, as you have an overall knowledge from Hotel Management College in Delhi, if you later find there’s another role you would prefer.

    Reasons to Choose Cradle of Management Institute

    Cradle of Management Institute is widely acknowledged amongst the best hotel management institutes in the entire northern India. Modern day classrooms, practical labs equipped with all the necessary facilities are the best in the institute. CMI is conveniently situated very close to the international airport and Gurgaon at south west Delhi. It has the best team of faculty members who are very much experienced in their respective departments in the industry and came from one of the biggest hotels around India. The placement cell guarantees 100% job placement post their courses. It moulds the students through rigorous training and effective classes, by developing their entire personality, team mentality, leadership quality, communication level, job knowledge and industry exposure. It has a library where students get to read from the various writers to further enhance their knowledge over the subjects.

    Corporate and on property hotel jobs

    Many hotel industry professionals don’t work in a hotel at all, but in a corporate office or headquarters that works closely with the properties themselves. Some corporate hotel jobs are even split between several properties. Corporate hotel jobs can include roles in marketing, revenue management, sales, reservations, branding and maybe real estate development.
    Corporate hotel jobs can be suitable for someone who is passionate about the hospitality industry working in a traditional office setting. These jobs often offer the unique perspective of working with more than just one property. However, these jobs can be more difficult to find as hotel companies typically have just a handful of corporate offices, compared to a whole portfolio of properties around the world.

    Hotel Operations Are Highly Cross Functional

    A successful hotel operates like a sports team, with various departments responsible for different tasks, and the general manager acting as the team leader. Like positions on a field, each position in a hotel requires different skills and work styles, and, while the roles themselves are unique, they’re all crucial to the overall operations of the hotel.

    General Manager: Every hotel is a business organization, where the GM is the CEO. The GM is accountable for everything that happens on property, steering the hotel’s strategy, making hiring decisions and resolving serious guest complaints. A general manager usually has their own office, but they spend much of the day meeting with the department heads or walking throughout the hotel and speaking with guests. A GM should be a “people person” who has strong leadership skills, since they interact constantly with both guests and employees. GM also interfaces with the hotel’s owner or brand representatives, so communication skills are also very important.

    Operation Manager: An operation manager is below the general manager and is responsible for overseeing all of the operational aspects of a hotel, which is everything involved in the delivery of a great guest experience. This role supervises the front office, housekeeping, sales, food and beverage, and other operational departments the hotel has. Ops managers must have a wide range of leadership and communication skills, since their work involves leading teams of employees and solving problems. The operations manager role can be challenging due to the constant demands of both employees and guests, but it’s also a fantastic stepping stone for someone with the goal of becoming a general manager.

    Housekeeping Manager: The housekeeping manager is responsible to manage to clean guestrooms and the hotel’s public areas. But this role isn’t as simple as it looks. Housekeeping managers must coordinate and hire housekeeping staff, manage inventory, provide quality control checks, and work closely with the front office team. A housekeeping manager must be detail oriented. While this role doesn’t work closely with guests, a big part of the role is motivating and developing the housekeeping staff.

    It is suggested for professionals to pursue hotel management courses from the best Hotel Management College in Delhi, so that it gives you the maximum height in your career.

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