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    Hi girls!

    Any comments on the Jamu body wrap at Rustic Nirvana? Is Jamu wrap effective in slimming and toning the body? They having a promo now, and I just want to know if it's recommended?


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    It is supposed to be good for slimming, but I must admit that despite my 44 sessions with them, there is no direct effect from that. Then again I didn't really watch my diet and basically use those sessions as pure massage therapy to relieve the aches from my body.

    As with any weight-loss program/purpose, diet and exercise play a part too.

    My fave therapist has left RN, so not sure who is left now. If you are going to try, can ask for May. Think she is pretty good too.


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      Thanks silvercloud for your comments.....for awhile I thought nobody is interested in replying me..... :roll:

      Wow you went for 44 sessions and there's no improvement at all? It's true exercise and proper diet is important..
      So did you go for the Jamu massage or body wrap? I learnt from the consultant it's two different treatment altogether?
      Thanks for your rec too but which branch is May at? The jamu promo is valid at the cantonment branch only.


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        May is at Cantonment brand, unless she changed location. My therapist was Michelle but she has left. She is really excellent! I signed up the sessions because of her.

        For my package, each session includes a body scrub, steambath/sandstone/hydrotherapy, body wrap and a massage. And also since I got to know Michelle pretty well, I don't have a fixed treatment all the time. I usually go with what she recommended. So I have tried the jamu thing, thermo-gel (a pink gel which gives a burning sensation), something cold (that is bad cos it is really freezing cold!) and many others.

        I like that for the massage, the oil is mixed on the spot. None of those pre-mixed massage oil.

        I used to go 2x a week as recommended, but there really was no results at all cos I didn't diet excessively or exercise. And they did tell me I need to do that to see results. In fact, I even gained weight cos I ate more during the festive seasons. In the end, I typically just use my sessions for more destressing and relaxation instead of weightloss.

        The bad thing about having regular massage is that now I need to have at least one every month. Body is spoiled now

        The weight I lost now was thru diet and exercise, and not from Rustic Nirvana. But I do think massage can help in smoothing the flow of the lymphatic drainage, and it also helps a little in toning the body.

        Hope that helps


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          hi, how much is each session or your entire package? i'm keen on jamu massage actually to reshape my body shape


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            Hi. I'm not sure what is the package rate now as I signed up with them when they just opened.

            The 1st package of 20+2, I paid around $1800? The 2nd package was at $60 each session. The $60 was a promo offer at their official opening 2 years ago.



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              Thanks silvercloud! Hmmm I do need massages once awhile too......aren't we spoilt

              The jamu wrap (only) is $300 for 10 sessions. *w/o massage*


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                sorry but what are the steps involved in the jamu wrap and what's the duration?


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                  fates : we definitely are spoilt now, but the bodies deserved it

                  Raine : I'm not exactly sure of the jamu wrap duration on its own since I always have the whole works. But basically, the jamu paste will be applied on your tummy and wherever it's needed (in my case). Then a long cloth is used to wrap your tummy.

                  Usually I'll be led to the sandstone therapy afterwards to sweat it out. But I'm not sure if this will be included in jamu wrap itself. Whole process takes about 20-30mins (including the sandstone therapy).


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                    sure.. thanks so much for the info


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                      Hmm? 20-30mins? That's short!
                      I don't know whether I'll go for it now, as the promo will ends only next month. Besides rustic nirvana, I wanna check out Jaanah Spa's package too

                      Ya our body deserves the pampering


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                        fates : I'm not sure if it will be 20-30mins if you are just having the jamu wrap treatment. As my whole session takes about 90mins, I estimated the wrap session to be around 20-30mins cos usually massage is about 45-50mins, and body scrub is another 10-15mins?

                        It will be best to call RN and find out the details

                        I want to check out Jaanah Spa too. I have a 50% voucher to be used on regular priced treatment.


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                          any one made use of the visa mini promotion where you can get unlimited access to the spa but just pay $3? anyone has any idea how it works?


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                            Nope, but visa mini used to have a small coupon for a 20min massage for only $8, I think.

                            I've only been to the outlet at Cantonment Road, I seriously wonder what you can do there for "nothing"? There is no real facilities (e.g. swimming pool, jacuzzi, steambath, sauna) like St. Gregory's or something. Unless the spa mentioned is actually the whirlpool which is in the bathroom :huh:


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                              it wasnt stated very clearly what you can do there, it was just written as unlimited access for $3