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Nutri-Science Intensive Skin Cream

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  • Nutri-Science Intensive Skin Cream

    Anyone tried this product before ? The bottle very small..directly from USA. Just went out with my mum's fren when she introduced this to me. Took 1 bottle to try out since I've got really uneven skin tones and horrible complexion. Heard that it did work for lotsa ppl and many in SG have tried it out hence enquiring if anyone had a good experience of using it. Such a tiny bottle and that'd better be good. keke.

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    Sorry this is my first post coz always been reading the forums only..nothing much to comment on products hence would really like comments from the experts.. =)


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      Hello there! Welcome to CC! Will you introduce yourself over at Babes so we can know you a little?

      There've no response to your query for possibly one reason: none of us has used it to be able to comment. How about yourself? You mentioned you're trying it. Tell us about it after! I'll be watching this space!