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  • Lucido-L

    hey girls have u checked out the new lucido-L hair sprays? ---> click the SPRAY series

    i've bought it at basic beauty @ heerens. $7.80 only!! i got the glossy one (pink bottle).. it does add shine to my hair, giving it a little wet look, and it is a little bit oily so makes my hair smoother to touch..

    any other reviews? heard the blue bottle one (smoothing coat) is good!

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    I've not tried the hair spray, but I really like the wax. I also use the red tube, the one for glossy shine. The wax has very little hold but it gives a nice shine, and good to smooth down flyaways. Got it at watsons, cheap.


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      Does it haf the same effect as its treatment water spray? I got the red color treatment gloss spray but doesn't work well on my hair ~ i guess my hair is 2 thick & wavy....

      But I like their wax & straightening jelly ~ Lucidol is ****** a value-4-$$$ brand!


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        i personally feel that the treatment water that u girls are talkign abotu has no effect. its jzu water to me. i only try at watsons last time and didn't buy.

        but this time the hair spray, well, it loosk more credible to me since its not water, and the glossy effect is tehre if u spray quite a bit. wet and glossy look, but best of all it really smoothens my hair and when i run my fingers thru my hair its smooth n soft. (but i dunno ***** becoz of otehr hair products i use)

        aniwae i heard that the blue bottle one really coats hair with a smooth coat.. so i'm gonna go try it..

        its available at basic beauty, samples avail to try too, so yup go try n buy!


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          Hi starlight, many thanks 4 your info.!

          Altho' the treatment water spray was a disappointment, but i still place much faith in Lucidol's pdts.


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            i have the straightening jelly. didn't see any effects....


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              I'm using the jelly as well. It doesn't exactly straighten my hair as I dun blow my hair @ all. But it helps 2 tame my hair 'coz my lioness hair is really terribly 'pong'!

              Did u blow dry ur hair? Usually heat is required 2 make these kinda pdts work.


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                Hey! I have bought my blue hair spray at SASA for S$7 only.. Haven used it yet though..


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                  melody> yup i blow dry my hair after applying the jelly but it still looks the same. i dun dare to blow dry my hair for too long coz also afraid of damaging it. anyway i'll just finish using it as part of hair moisturiser...


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                    bo-peep, one of my friends used that while blow drying her hair & she said it works *** ~ but maybe 'coz her hair already quite straight type ***...

                    Btw for those who are interested, SaSa does sell Lucidol products cheaper as compared 2 Basic Beauty and Watsons.


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                      I lurve Lucido-L new Hair Spray! The one in bluish green bottle called Smooth Coat. Makes my hair instantaneously smooth and best it lasts all day!!
                      Heard that it has some silicone coating to make hair frizz free!
                      Love it love it!!
                      No more bad hair day =)
                      Btw my fren uses the Wavy hair wax and she says it's really gd as it moisturizes her dry perms and defines the curls.


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                        Does the Lucido-l hair spray make your hair hard?


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                          Not vy healthy for yr hair in long term as they all contain alcohol. I used to use stuff w/ alcohol. Dried my hair & make them hay-wired, now better as i use non-alcohol based items.


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                            Originally posted by llucidity
                            Does the Lucido-l hair spray make your hair hard?
                            not at all! my hair became so soft, smooth and easy to run my fingers thru after spraying SMOOTH COAT.. i don't find it heavy or any's really good! doesnt feel hard like what mousse does..


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                              HI Starlight,

                              Thanks for introducing the Lucidol Hair spray series! THis is really cool! I sprayed it on my flyaway heavily rebonded hair and it was tamed immediately! as for the shine.. I believe it does contributed a bit. What's more, as you have mentioned, my hair feel very smooth.

                              Did you try other hair spray like the blue bottle? How is the effect?

                              I am wondering if this is the same (or has the same effect) as the

                              as the hair spray? Because the hair spray only contains 102ml for its price.