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    Hi girls,

    any raves or rants about this makeup brand? I made a search and it seems like there is no thread on them i.e cosmetics.

    I saw their holiday palette and it retails at $90 and it consists of so many stuff! Im really tempted to get it for a gift for someone but just not too sure if they are any good?

    Any advices?

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    They're OK, Mylar. I bought one moons ago. I liked the e/s colours better cos the blushers were two only and they looked dull. Texture-wise, I guess they're comparable to the mid-end brands if not high-end.

    I'm not sure if $90 is a good deal. I suppose if you fancy it for yourself, you'd consider buying it as a gift Hope this bit of comments helps!


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      I used to be totally fascinated by the Elizabeth Arden holiday blockbuster sets! Got one eons ago as well, although I've long tossed it away already.

      Same with Glossie, I found the set ok. Initially it's quite exciting cos there are so many items and i had tons of fun playing with it and experimenting with different looks (didn't have much m/u at that time though) Quality is ok, but not all the shades in the set are very nice or wearable. EA shades do tend to be on the 'mature' side.

      I haven't seen this year's set yet, but if it looks good to you then you could get it as a gift. I think it'll be good for someone who likes makeup, but doesn't have much, and wants to experiment with a wide range of colours.


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        Hi girls,

        thanks for the feedback. Thought of getting it for my mum but after some thoughts, i guess not. Maybe she wont have a need for so many colours too.

        Thanks alot for your advices!!


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          i like their duo eyebrow powder and eyeliner..i use it as an

          eyebrow powder, very pigmented, so have to use little at a time


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            I bought the one last yr. I was impressed with its variety and supposed 'value for money'. Actually $90 isn't exactly cheap cos you may not like everything in the set. Overall the quality is good, comparable with any high end brand. I gave the bright red lipstick and nail polish to my aunt

            The blusher is not bad to me. I thought the dusky pink shade was really nice and subtle. Eyeshadow colours were subtle also. Good for work day.

            I was mostly attracted to the 3 shimmery lipglosses. Very nice and shiny. And totally un-EA

            It beats the ridiculous 5 pan Bobbi Brown ski palette which retails at $85. (2 lipsticks, 1 blusher, 1 eyeliner pan and 1 eyeshadow)


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              Have anyone of u seen the $99 set? i just saw it in robinsons.. it came out after the $90 blockbuster. it includes a cosmetic bag, cosmetic holder via wallet, gold and silver eyeliner and 3 layers bottle of eye glitter etc... with add. $9 this is a better package IMO.

              anyway, the makeup primer is better and many cabin crews are using...


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                i heard their sunscreen very good. got antioxidants, vitamins and all..anyone tried b4?


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                  I Love their 8 hr cream.

                  Works well for anything, from dryness of skin to my dog's sore.

                  Very good product. Not very ex, $37/50ml. One tub can last for long time.


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                    I their Green Tea perfume range & the 8 hour lipbalm


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                      Anyone using Elizabeth Arden's Flawless Finish Ultra Smooth PP? How's the oil-control & coverage?


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                        im using the Flawless Finish pp not the Ultra Smooth version. It's quite good. Gives a fresh look and long lasting. Good for my open pores and oily t-zone area. The complexion looks quite smooth and perfect. I guess the Ultra Smooth version is the same as this just that the powder is more fine and smooth??


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                          i'm not sure too.. Never try this brand before.. But is now searching for a PP.. Seem like Flawless Finish pp sound GREAT! I'm have oily t-zone & large pores around my cheek area

                          Btw how's the coverage & how much is it?


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                            i bought it online at It costs about less than $30. Coverage wise it's quite light but its buildable.


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                              Ok.. I never buy things from there before.. But heard is cheaper Shipping is also free no matter how how you spend right?

                              I'm using MAC foundation shade NC25, which shade of Flawless Finish pp should i choose? Sorry i'm not good at picking color always pick the wrong shade