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Where to find Wella Vosene Shampoo?

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  • Where to find Wella Vosene Shampoo?

    i dont know if this is the correct place to post, but mods if u find it inappropriate by all means remove.
    im looking for Wella Vosene shampoo, its more for my mum. she has been using this for 20+ years and she swear by it..recently it got discontinued and i thought of getting it for her.

    is it available in malaysia or elsewhere?

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    What a coincidence, my dad is searching for it too!! I know you can still find it easily in countries like UK as my brother bought some back for him and he treats it like gold!. :roll: I think neighbourhood shops might still sell it. Keep searching! Let me know if you find it.


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      i think neighbourhood shops doesnt sell them anymore..if u see them around do let me know..
      how much is 1 bottle roughly in UK? heard the packaging has changed?


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        Hi Dewy, I'm not sure how much the Vosene is now, have to get back to you on that as have to ask my brother. And yes it's in a new packaging now..more hip and trendy looking.. Here's a link i found on the back of the Vosene bottle


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          hi amanda
          thanks..guess i shall ask around to see who can help me purchase a few bottles..
          which colour is yr dad using? my mum likes the blue one very much,i think its original formula...

          otherwise will be the green one...

          seriously i dont know why she like them so much..all i know it smells herbal to me..


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            Dewy: My dad used the blue one the new one is in a green bottle. I have no idea why they like it too! I can put another bottle of shampoo with the same purpose in front of him and he refuses to use it and wants his Vosene all the time! :roll:


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              precisely. my mum refuse to try out others in place of vosene. now she has no choice but to use watson's moisturizing shampoo for frequent use. ( in a 1litre bottle packaging).

              anyone else who has seen wella vosene around in spore/ malaysia please let me know.



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                found this site in UK that sells this shampoo. here's the link:



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