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  • Paul & Joe Skin Care

    Hi! Girls, I am new here. Is very interesting to hear you all talk and shared view about Paul & Joe as I am also cazy about it.
    I had brought a few of their skin care products and now in the process of trying out. So far the effect is good. Will let you all know about the detail later. Do take good care. Good night!
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    hi Sew Ling,

    firstly, welcome to CC. 2ndly, could you do us a favour and leave a short intro at CozyBabes? it's a forum for new girls to tell us something about themselves and for the rest of us to say hi.

    also, do take some time and browse through Forum Guidelines. most girls usually find this helpful. in the meantime, enjoy yourself here at CC.


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      Any idea how's the cleansing lotion? Packaging looks cute and my cleansing milk is running out soon.

      Any indictation on the price as well?


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        Skin Care

        The Paul & Joe's Moisture Lotion bottle is white in colour and the packaging is nice and unique. I believe you will like it. The cost is $50, really worth the money. Hope you will like it.


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          Skin care

          Hi! viewer, nice to see you here. Its good to share good stuff with you all.

          Today, the stuff I would like to share are the Cleansing Milk and Faicial Soap from Paul & Joe.

          After using its, my skin feel clean, supple and refreshed than ever.
          The soap is also great that does'nt tighten the skin but leaving a very refreshing feeling behind.

          Their packaging design are Classic, refined, lovely and noble. I believe most of you all will like it as I do. See you then. Bye!


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            Hi Sew Ling, are you working for P&J?

            How well does Cleansing Milk cleanse? Does it remove P&J fluid foundation effectively?


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              How do u all use the cleansing milk? Maybe i use it the wrong way, cos i am used to cleansing oil. But i tried the sample of the cleansing milk, is OILY!!! :roll:


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                Cleansing Milk

                Hi! Hulli, nice to hear from you. I really wish that I can work for Paul & Joe as I really like their products and I am also one of their die hard fans. I was a make up artist once before and I have a very sensetive skin so I very caustion when chosing skin care products. So far the skin care product of Paul & Joe match me very well and does'nt disappointed me.

                The Cleansing milk is gentle and very effectively removes all traces of makeup, dirt and dust, with no greasy and oily feeling. It do clean the skin very well, leaving a refreshing feel behind.
                Hope it will match well you also, I think it wont be a problem.
                Bye! Take care. :wave:


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                  Cleansing Milk

                  Hi!Jemay. Using of the Cleansing milk is simple, you just need to pour a small amount of the cleansing milk into your palm, then apply to your face. Do massage gently with your fingertips to dissolve makeup, you can either tissue it off or rinse off with water.
                  Some of the cleansing milk or oil are oily but dont worry about the cleansing milk from Paul & Joe, no greasy or oily after-feel and it do dissolve makeup and moisturised your skin very well.
                  Lastly one thing in mind is that after using the cleansing milk do follow up with a foaming cleanser ( Facial Soap ) inorder to get a maximum effect.
                  Hope that I do answer your question. See you then, Bye! :wave:


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                    I tried the sample on face then use hand massage, is just so oily after rinsing it! :roll:


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                      Cleansing Milk

                      Hi! Jemay, I had checked with the SA the problem you faced. They told me that is natural as the cleansing milk do contain some natural ingredients consisted of Orange oil and Jojoba oil which help in combating oil bound dirt and debris of our face, so is good to go with the foaming cleanser after using the cleansing milk.


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                        wow, thanks for going all the way to ask! i guess the lazyness in me prefer a one step cleaning still


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                          It ok! as is very near to my work place and I used to spend some of my lunch time to shop around in Orchard.
                          I believe most of the gals have the same view with you to have the simple and easy way in skin care, the lesser step the better. But do bear in mind that the more and further steps we go, we will definately have a better effect and our skin will be welly taking care of. It really worth it to spend more times in steps of skin care.


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                            Skin Care

                            Hi... here are some of the Paul & Joe skin care image. Hope you all will like it.


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                              Sorry for able to in put images in the earlier message, so now trying the hyperlink, hope that it will work.