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best japanese cosmetics - eyeshadows

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  • best japanese cosmetics - eyeshadows

    I'll be visiting Tokyo in mid May. Heard there are many good and cheap local brands that I can buy. Can anyone give me ideas and the pricing? Thanks !

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    best japanese cosmetics?? esp eyeshadows =)

    hi girls, i'm a new member here (referred by atypical from makeupalley). it's great to find another cosmetics forum! =)

    anyways, i was wondering if you guys have recs for particularly good japanese cosmetics. my boyfriend will be going to japan in a few months, and i want to make a list of things for him to bring back.

    i'm particularly interested in eyeshadows (i have a ridiculous eyeshadow obsession lol!). i have a few KP trios that i love so those will definitley be on my list. any other suggestions? and are shu uemura eyeshadows cheaper in japan than in the states?

    thanks so much!


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      Hi piyo, welcome to cc! :wave: Hope you have fun here!

      KP is slightly more expensive in Japan than in SG. The last time I checked, there were no more LE KP trios, only the regular ones are for sale. The new KP Xmas set will be out in Japan on 5 Nov. I'm sure you will want this, the e/s trio is sooo pretty!

      Shu e/s are 2100yen each, ie, US$19.50 before tax, as compared to US18 in the US? It may be getting to get them in the US where you can test the colours. Shu do not retail in drugstores in Japan, whereas most of the other brands do.

      There are tons of other Japanese brands which are worth trying. Just for e/s, PN is great! So are Kose Visee, Kanebo T'estimo, Sofina Aube etc. Most of these have e/s palettes and singles and all them are of excellent quality. There are fine glitters in them whereas others have shimmers. It depends on what you prefer. For low end, definitely check out Kate and Majolica Majorca. All of above are carried by drugstores which sometimes run discounts.

      For mall-only brands, Inoui ID is Japan-exclusive and have a range of gorgeous e/s quads. RMK is better known for their lipglosses and their latest collection feature duo e/s/lip pens. There is also Paul&Joe which may sell for cheaper than in the US.

      Hope that helps You can read more about Asian brands at CC.


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        hehe, of course shu uemura is the best!! the cleansing oil there is dirt cheap!! i heard it retails around $60??? i'm not sure myself though.


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          thanks so much for the welcome and advice!

          i'm really excited about the new kp trio! that xmas set sounds awesome... do you know where i might see a picture of the trio (is it somewhere on the boards?)?

          and thanks for the shu e/s price. so i guess it's a little cheaper here in the states. do you know if there are there any japan/asia-exclusive e/s or blush colors?

          i've heard good things about dick page's inoui id brand (his sister is a member of mua lol)! i should definitely have my boyfriend check it out then, along w/ the other brands you mentioned. eek the poor boy's going to have a lot of shopping to do for me wish i could go myself though!

          oh yea, i currently use fancl cleansing oil to remove my eye makeup; do you know if this stuff is cheaper in japan? it's about 20 f/ the fancl website here in the states.

          thanks so much for all your help!


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            Hi Piyo, I 2nd shu e/s! I have been using their e/s for a long time & I still prefer shu over KP. HTH


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              hey piyo, you may view the KP X'mas set from the above link.



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                Hello! I like shu uemura ( gd selection of colours and light packaging) u can also consider ipsa and ettusais....


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                  wow the kp xmas set looks so nice!! thanks so much for the link jazzie!

                  and i will definitely be including some shu e/s for my bf's shopping list lol! which colors do you girls recommend? i only have a small collection of shu right now (just a few ME colors). are the matte e/s very nice as well?

                  also, if i'm looking for a light shimmery pink blush (cool or warm toned) - which shu blush(s) fit that description? it would be the P pearl shades right?

                  thanks so much!