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    Heard rave on Tony & tina's herbal glitter pencil.
    anyone tried NARS or any other brand which you highly recommend?


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    Never tried any glitter pencils, but I know Urban Decay and Hard Candy has some. Maybe try MUA for reviews?


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      would you by any chance know if the MAC glitter pencil are on sale already?


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        I didn't even know MAC is gonna come up with glitter pencils. lol.


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          Jazzie, are you talking about the MAC glitter liners? They are liquid (like the Sparkle-ize collection) and not pencils.

          I've tested Hard Candy glitter liners before but didn't really like it. Find T&T still the best in terms of lasting power and also ease of application.


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            T Le Clerc, Tony & Tina sell glitters pencil. TLC is rather big and it has a 'glue' smell. Not only so, I suspect the smell comes from this 'blue' ingredients that has all the glitters sticking onto it. When applied, can see the blue ingredients rather clearly too. Its not suppose to be a color for the glitter pencil. More likely a sticky substance to make the glitters stick onto yr eyes.

            As for Tony & Tina, not bad. But if you have oily eye lids, you might have a problem applying it onto yr eyes. I have BIG problem with this! The colors just wont show onto my eyes even though the glitters might be on my lids. And often, my eyes feel sore after the application


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              thanks babyflite!

              im lemming for this tony and tina Glitter pencil mini set.
              it consist of 5 colours selling at USD28.

              Vin, have you tried Kate's? many of us bought it, and it is not bad. but the glitter is not as obvious as Tony & tina, IMO. my friend wore the sliver one and it looks fabulous on her!

              Oh, Shu's got a new one? must check it out.
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                Oh kate is from Korea? How much is the glitter pencil and when u mean its not as fabulous as T&T, does it mean that its not as glittery as T&T? I also have not much idea where to get Kate's stuffs. from Sasa? Thanks!


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                  its available at OG Orchard Point, Seiyu Junction 8, Choa Chu Kang and Metro Sengkang.

                  the pencil is retail at $7 and you have to buy this case which can hold 2 pencils.

                  check this link out, entire thread on Kate products.


                  i feel T&T is more glittery. Kate's glitter is more fine IMO,& not as bright.not very good with description.

                  But priced at $7 bucks for kate's, i've no complain.


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                    Love the Glitter pencil from T&T, fave is black/silver and blue/silver. If u are applying this for day makeup, a little goes a loong way, otherwise, i find this too wayang or OTT for day use. More suitable for clubbing or night wear.

                    Kate's color eyepencils great for day wear. The glitters are very subtle.

                    Both offer easy application in the pencil form. So far, these are the 2 brands i've tried. Can't wait to try out the MAC glitter eyeliners, but i expect it to be messy since it's in a liquid gel form. Hmm... esp for clumpsy me.


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                      i cant wait for MAC's too! like you, Caramel, i can't control liquid ones very well. the colour seems very loud, don't know if it suits days use.

                      can't wait for it to reach the store!


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                        Originally posted by Jazzie
                        im lemming for this tony and tina Glitter pencil mini set.
                        it consist of 5 colours selling at USD28.
                        Where to get this?


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                          Hey girls for the MAC ones I really suggest you try them before buying cos they stung my eyes so bad I had to take it off immediately!


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                            Not Jazzie, but this is what i found from Sephora...

                            Being Of Light Eye Pencil Collection US$28

                            Light up your eyes with this set of Tony & Tina's five fav Herbal Glitter Pencils encased in a clear, reusable gift box.

                            Shades included: Blue/Silver, Brown/Gold, Clear/Silver, Black/Silver, and Baby Blue/Silver.

                            So sad they are now a part of History of Tangs' tenant. Hmm.. can only get them from CP etc. :roll:

                            Hehehe.. but i already have 3 of the 5 shades, so no lemming for this.


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                              Oh no! Lemming alert! CP from US?