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my FOTD/EOTD gallery =)

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  • my FOTD/EOTD gallery =)

    so here are my galleries of fotd/eotd pics over on makeupalley

    under the sname piyo:

    and under the sname piyopics:

    i'll try to update the piyopics gallery with new looks whenever i get the chance.
    i'm really enjoying seeing everyone else's gorgeous fotd pics so i hope you girls find my pics as helpful as i find yours!

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    U've got a very nice smile!


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      piyo, i like your eyes FOTD!
      gives me a good idea of how i should do my eyes!


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        wow! another beauty queen here. you look simply gorgeous.


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          wow.. i love the way you do ur eyes!!


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            wow!!! i love your green smokey & your sexy eyes!!!


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              aw thanks *so* much girls! glad you like them

              (yay i was worried they wouldn't even show up for non-mua members)

              but yea, i've grown *very* fond of eyeshadows ever since i joined mua! not good for my wallet, but very fun
              so i've spent the past couple of months collecting e/s and learning how to apply them well, and now it's just fun to play with them and share pics with other mu-fanatics like me looking through the other posts, there're so many gorgeous talented ladies here!

              natnatviv: hmm sorry i don't have any particular ideas... but i'm in general a huge fan of smokey eyes! have you tried it out before? dark colors (like dark greens, purples, blues) look particularly good w/ brown eyes, so maybe give them a try! :yaya: (hehe i love these lil smiley icons)

              smokeyeyes: thanks for the compliment! you yourself have very pretty pics up the smokey green fotd was my first attempt at lining the inner rims. i really liked the end effect, but the revlon liner i was using was pretty irritating to my eyes! do you have any recs for good, non-irritating liners for the inner rims? thanks!


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                you look simply gorgeous. thanks for sharing your pics. i like the smokey green look. looking forward to more FOTDs.

                i really like how you line your eyes. any tips for the novice? what kind of brush do you use? TIA.
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                  Pretty pretty!! A total ABC look, american born chinese?


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                    love how you line your eyes!


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                      Wooo. I wish I have those pretty eyes and those lovely eye lashes. More photo plsss.


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                        thanks everyone!! sweet supportive girls like you guys make me feel a little better about my ridiculous e/s obsession lol!

                        michannat: sorry i'm not much of a brush person so i don't have any particular brush recs (i use mostly sephora brand and sonia kashuk brushes). usu what i do is line first w/ a pencil and then smudge over it w/ an eyeshadow using a relatively stiff brush (you can change the liner color and/or make it smokey). hth!

                        jemay: i am chinese, but i was actually born in china (qingdao, the beer city!); moved to the US when i was 6. i didn't realize american born asians looked different lol

                        and thanks vixette and clarins!

                        so all the pictures actually work w/o you guys having to sign up for mua? nice!


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                          You're very pretty! With lovely skin to boot Love your smokey green fotd


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                            I just have to say that I like the picture of you and your sis. It's a beautiful picture.

                            I love this one -->

                            I have been trying to create this look and I love the lashes. I have gone a little mascara-crazy lately. Can you share what mascara you are using? You lashes are curled nicely the way I've always wanted them to be.


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                              ooooh, i LOVE the green smokey-eyed look! would you mind doing a step-by-step?? is the revlon jade eyeglide a liner, or a shadow?