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    Originally posted by silvercloud
    fates : I'm not sure if it will be 20-30mins if you are just having the jamu wrap treatment. As my whole session takes about 90mins, I estimated the wrap session to be around 20-30mins cos usually massage is about 45-50mins, and body scrub is another 10-15mins?

    It will be best to call RN and find out the details

    I want to check out Jaanah Spa too. I have a 50% voucher to be used on regular priced treatment.
    I love Jaanah's facials and currently on their eye-care treatments now! Are you a PF member too?
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    No, I'm not. I go to California.

    Have not found time to make appointment to get down to Jannah yet. Have you tried the massage there before? How's the eye care treatment?


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      hi there!!

      i used to be a PF member too n i still go to Jannah Spa for facials.

      i like it 'coz they always have good deals, 50% vouchers, discount for members etc...


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        Hi silver,

        Have you visited Jannah yet? Sorry for this late reply. Just went to a eye care session yesterday......hmmmmm so relaxing.....
        Yes I'd tried the massage too! Like what Pills had mentioned, they always have good deals once a while so will take the chance to try some new treatments.

        Hi Pills,

        Cool! I enjoy my facials there too! They had this ultrasonic machine for the essence infusion right? Who is your beautician? What facials do you normally do?


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          hi there, yup, i like that ultrasonic thingy, makes me think the good stuff is going into my skin....

          i used to go to emily but she has left. so i tried the services of this gal called hannah n she gives good massages n a lot as well. but i think she doesn't do as thorough an extraction as emily.

          i went to rina once n *** she's so so only

          what about u?

          o, n if u go for waxing, go to racquil(dunno how to spell her name), she's the boss n she does it very well n fast. esp playboy or brazilian where it really hurts.

          what else is good there? pls share! =) thanx!
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            Oh ya emily left Jannah eh! So far only Shabana (don't know if the spelling is correct or not? ), Emily and Raq attended to me before. I like Shabana.....she's very friendly and would always advise me how to do this and do that

            So you'd tried their waxing~!~ Is it brazillian wax? I dare not try it though....scared of pain!

            Have you try their green tea facial? It's goood!


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              fates: I've not gone yet. No time and I've been sick this whole month.

              Think the voucher is valid till Dec 31. Now, where did I put it now? My desk is too messy.

              Hmmmm.........who is the recommended massage therapist over there?


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                erm, where is jannah spa? there's no address in this thread!
                and what's good there - the massage, jamu, waxing or facials?


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                  It's at Suntec Planet Fitness. Till I find the voucher, I've no information to list yet. I've no idea what's good either


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                    thre's this new gal called hannah who is attending to my facial. maybe i will try shabana then for a change!

                    waxing by rakiel is good over there. she knows how to put u at ease n she's very fast at it so the pain is minimise!

                    there's this chinese gal who does "tui na" massage over there. rem to specify that u don't want "tui na" if u r looking at the other massages 'coz my bf kena that when we didn't specify n he didn't enjoy it....

                    haven't tried the green tea facial tho.

                    they have this product by amway over there. some yam extract mix with vit c, u'll have to mix it urself. it's really good. the only thing that has lightened my eyerings so far but it cost me $70+ so i no longer use it! try it if u have eyerings!!
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                      Jannah Spa Members/Goers

                      anyone knows whether have they change their phone no. recently? is it still 63336693?

                      i have stopped going for a few months n now i want to make an appointment, i can't seem to get them. no one picks up my call.


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                        no wonder no one picked up my phonecall.

                        do u have their phone no. then?

                        thanx a lot! =)


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                          what's their pricing like?