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Aromatic Hair Care (found at Beauty Language)

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  • Aromatic Hair Care (found at Beauty Language)

    anyone tried this brand of shampoo before? they have a wide range from rebonded hair, oily hair, coloured, hair loss.

    can be found at beauty language $9 for a 250ml shampoo i think..
    i am interested in their hair loss shampoo..gurantee results in 14 days.

    i received a sample of their shampoo for coloured hair and boy it smells soooooo goood..

    any reviews? deciding between this and twin scalp 2001

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    Hi dewy, may I ask where is Beauty Language?


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      it has an outlet at tiong bahru plaza this i am confirmed of...
      the rest i think are united sq at novena, east point, sunplaza...
      if i remember correctly..
      sorry cant help much


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        Is this the one my dear? I think i have only used this once. I can let u have it FOC. My early xmas pressie to u. LoL!

        It does not agree with my chemistry i should say. The SA at beauty language recommended this to me. Can't remember how much i bought it.

        Can meet u in taka tmr to pass u the pressie. Pm me ya?


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          thanks. i have pm u!
          can i know why it did not agree with your hair? :wave:


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            Basically i have sensitive scalp, i can't take a lot of shampoo found in the market. Eg. Pantene, which just worsen the condition.

            I have other shampoo lying around at home also, which i only used once or twice. It's like test-drive to me, buy only used once or twice, sigh..... what a horrible waste of $.


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              thanks for your kind gesture! i have 10++ shampoos at home and yah..some of them i tried a few times and dislike...

              by the way have u received my pm?


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                Tried it out too but I found it so so. I prefer the Loreal Professional range


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                  hi teiko which range did u tried? care to tell us more why u found it soso?

                  it smells very nice, doesnt it?


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                    sounds interesting.. But i'm trying not to stress my scalp too much with so many different hair products n tonic..

                    Tell us how's the result okie dewY??


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                      Mine is the Revitalize series. Initially, I do get the smoothness and softness after I washed my hair but after a few usage, the 'feeling' starts to wear down. I am not sure if that is the same with all.

                      Smells heavenly though So I am mixing the Loreal with what's left of my conditioner.


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                        oh dear will too much hair products stress our scalp? i mean i rotate my shampoo daily..seldom use the same one twice in a row..
                        only hair tonic..
                        is it harmful to our scalp? but most of my shampoo i try to find for oily scalp or mild ones..


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                          i have just tried the aromatic hair care shampoo for hair loss (thanks to caramelgirl )..heres my review..

                          this shampoo takes quite alot to foam suds eh? i had to wash twice cause it wasnt very lathery..

                          after rinsing my hair felt clean but not overly clean, not those moisturized slippery kind. i prefer it this way though..

                          hair loss it is too early too tell, hair still dropped keke.

                          i veri like the nice


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                            Actually shampoo that lathers too well is not a good thing, indicates more SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) in the ingredients.

                            But most shampoo, even facial cleansers do contain SLS, moderate amount is not harmful, unless u are allegic to this.


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                              Sometimes hair loss can be due to using things too moisturising for scalp to handle.