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Fiona Xie & Felicia Chin's hairstyles

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  • Fiona Xie & Felicia Chin's hairstyles

    I hate how my hair looks now...The layers are out of shape and the ends are sticking out like duck tails!

    I want a new hairstyle quick! -and it must look good too.

    Saw Fiona Xie and Felicia Chin on the 9pm Channel 8 show - The Champion,and totally love their layered and choppy tresses with blonde highlights.

    Anyone spotting this hairstyle now and knows which stylist can do this hairstyle well?

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    i think that the actresses have on-site hair stylists on the go with them on their shooting.. so of coz their hair will look so nice! but you never know how much work and hair styling was done before the shoot.. was thinking wad if i got the same cut, but its high maintenance in order to look as good as the actresses..

    i heard kimage is gd for rebonding? think u shud check out the other threads


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      that's the problem with going for hairstyles spotted in magazines and of celebrities.

      They're all carefully styled before the shoot, and it'll be alot of hard work for us to maintain it..


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        I really those actors and actresses.. I wonder do they need to sit there and allow their stylist to do their hair.. no wonder I always heard celebrities saying that when when are not shooting they would wear more simple or they dun bother to really go style their hair.


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          I tried to tie my hair to Fiona Xie's hairstyle, but it looks awful! I don't have the skills


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            I agree they are styled before every shoot and it's pretty hard to get the same look, not forgetting that they are pretty to begin with. I agree Kimage does very good rebonding.


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              I think it's the way their hair is layered, coupled with very good highlight job so can get so nice effect.

              BTW, what's that kind of layering called? I only know of the normal "V" shape layer and that is so so boring!