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  • Hair accessories

    Anyone knows where to get pretty hair accessories? something erm exotic? retro? vintage? I mean unique actually...

    something like this:

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    I think Chomel hair stuffs r nice!


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      try chomel ya they do have nice ones..
      i used to like roaming at wisma/scotts isetan or ck tangs for hair accessories..
      otherwise far east level one theres shop which sells accessories from korea on its right hand side..the entrance of the shop is facing those graffiti walls/doors..kinda overpriced though imo..

      taka dept also not bad..


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        Try Livia @FEP.

        Second Chomel, try the shop at Great World City, there's bigger variety.

        Or if u are on a budget, try those wholesale shops for fashion accessories along North Bridge Road, behind Boat Quay.



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          I went to Summer Rose by Chomel at Isetan wisma and spent $87 on 3 pieces of hair accessories... They are so nice , exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks everyone for your input.

          Beside Great World, where else can I find Chomel?


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            hehe glad u found the ones u like. ok i see if i can remember..

            isetan scotts
            taka dept stall
            ck tangs
            metro paragon (not sure if they still have it now)

            standalone boutique i am not so sure..

            be careful when u wash ur hair accessories some of the diamond studs can drop off if u are too harsh..


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              thanks dewy, then I better not wash them, just wipe.


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                Even if you don't touch them, they will tend to drop off. I have a few pieces like that already. Replacement of 1 crystal is free. They will charge for more than 2 pieces of replacement.


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                  oh id idn know replacement of 1 is free! but i had many of mine dropped


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                    they did inform me about the charges for replacement. IIRC, replacement of 1 is free, 2nd at $1 then $0.50 each subsequently.


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                      There is a shopping cart at Esplanade 1st level selling hair accessories like that. You might want to try taking a look.


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                        Pretty Pretty Hair Accessories

                        Jeweled Headbands:
                        Golden girl Nicole Kidman uplifted the humble headband this season by wearing one to the Oscars. These huge time-savers require no hairstyling at all. Bands of classic pearls, sparkly rhinestones or glittery jewels are just the thing for dressy cocktail parties. And simpler gold or silver bands can take you straight from the office to a night out on the town.

                        Elegant Barrettes:
                        For trendsetters, barrettes are right up there with this season's sparkly gemstone brooches -- and they're just as easy to wear. Whatever your hair length, simply twist your hair, clasp the barrette and you're good to go. Clips with crystal snowflake or silver filigree designs or jeweled barrettes in geometric shapes can make even your business suit look feminine.

                        Rhinestone Combs:
                        Behold the return of the hair comb. It's the perfect accomplice to the elegant waves and cute curls everyone's sporting. For the holidays there are plenty of stars, snowflakes, even little angels to choose from.
                        Short Hair Sticks: Stylish and sophisticated, short hair sticks are great for quick updos, simple chignons and classic buns. Get into the holiday spirit by picking star and snowflake shapes.

                        Pony Holders:
                        The ever-practical ponytail makes a huge comeback, bringing with it some retro glamour. And what better way to put the focus on your sexy neck? Perk up your pony with a crystal star, like Cameron Diaz has been seen wearing. Or try a twist on the typical style: Textured and shaped hair with just the front pulled back into a ponytail gives a smooth, clean, sophisticated look.

                        Funky Flowers:
                        Couture hair flowers have been popular for a while. Though they're usually made of silk or satin, the trend now calls for edgier fabrics, beaded centers and jeweled flowers in gorgeous colors. Festive and flirty, these accessories can do double duty as pins on your party dress. Salute the season with Christmas colors: red, green and white.


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                          M.E.L ==> tangs and o.g and metro

                          Plaza Singapura Basement 1 PushCart



                          Evita Peroni

                          Amici Accessories
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                            about hair flowers, anyone knows where to get pretty ones in Singapore? thinking of using it to spice up my drab hair for prom. thanks girls.


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                              hair flowers

                              yea been looking around for hair flowers for prom too. cant seem to find any in spore.

                              anyone know's where?