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  • L'oreal Extenso treatment

    I did the L'oreal Extenso treatment 2 weeks ago at Yess salon. Actually I wanted to rebond my hair but the stylist introduced me to the L'oreal Extenso treatment. Costs $150 as compared to $135 for rebonding. And she told me that its rebonding! It was only after I read this thread that I realised this is considered soft straighthening. Hot plates were also used to "iron" my hair during the treatment, so I thought i was doing rebonding all the while. The day after I did the treatment, my hair was stick straight and totally flat but after 2 weeks, it is now more natural looking. The frizz is gone. But the ends tend to curl a little because my hair is shoulder length.

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    L'oreal Extenso

    Just to share my hair straightening experience...

    I went to Jiwon Hair Salon to do the L'oreal Extenso treatment on my bra-length hair. My hair is super duper thick and I paid quite a hefty amount, but I am pleased with the results.

    I tried everything from rebonding to softstraightening and I'm most pleased with the results from L'oreal Extenso. My hair isn't as flat and it's got a nice natural bounce to it!


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      how much was it?


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          phew! thats alot
          thanks! anyway i rememered i red ure blog somewhere that u went for threading in little india,
          do u still have the name of the salon or person and pricing?


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            Alternatives to rebonding

            Hi, I've got dry and frizzy hair due to excess colouring..and bleached highlights a.k.a abuse in the past - I would like to change the texture of my hair PERMANANTLY (don't we all wish) I've done rebonding before, once 2 years ago but ii think it's too flat for me but i like the way it lasts and lasts (lasted me a good year and a bit more) and how easy my hair was to manage. Now I prefer something that looks natural and not so pencil straight. Am quite confused between soft straight and ionizing(??) I understand that now there are different kinds treatment methods around that can last as long as rebonding can..can anyone suggest anything good they've tried before? Thanks so much.


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              Am facing the same dilemma as Amanda. Whoever who has advice, can recommend place to do it as well? Thanks so much!!!


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                Couldn't stand it anymore so i went for the L'oreal Extenso treatment at REDS salon (went there as i have the discount card). Took ages to do but only paid $185 before discount and i have long hair. It looks more natural than rebonding for sure. Just hope it lasts the way it's supposed to.


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                  if ur hair is too dry and fuzzy, dont do rebonding!! =X After rebonding, it will be worse! That happens to me. I have a combination of black and colored hair. After my rebonding, my black hair looks good but the colored part become very fuzzy and dry! The hair stylist have to snap them off. Luckily my black part is quite long, if not i guess my whole hair will be gone.

                  if u are interested to do something, maybe can go for some treatments or cut away those "too dry" hair.


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                    mee too!

                    yah i m facing teh same problem too. I have really dry and think and wavy hair. Though wavy and curls is in now but it gets really hot and unmanageable at times. Anyone have recommendations?

                    Originally posted by daphz
                    Am facing the same dilemma as Amanda. Whoever who has advice, can recommend place to do it as well? Thanks so much!!!


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                      Hmm..maybe you can try the L'oreal Extenso rebonding? It's more like a relaxing treatment and is much milder than the normal rebonding and won't frizz up your coloured hair. I have bleached highlights and my hair is very glossy now and the great thing hair isn't flat and stick straight! I think it may not last as long as rebonding but it's better than getting my hair fried to death.


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                        hi amanda.....

                        may i knoe how long is your hair? cos i didnt wanna pay bomb for my length of hair....


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                          My hair is slightly below shoulder length- still considered as long!!!


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                            Just did L'Oreal Ex-Tenson at Shunji with senior hairstylist, Jane. She recommended me this straightening process than rebonding because I told her my area of concerns: the fly-aways at the ends especially on the right side of the hair. Also I do not want the hair to be really flat as I have round face. After the cutting, her assistant, Desmond helped me to blow dry the hair before working on next process. First, the hair was coated with a pre-treatment cream (i don't know what it is called) on lower half of the hair length. Then, the softening follows. It is to be applied one inch away from the roots because Jane told me the hair would not be as flat as it is so there's still volume to the hair. Next the hair was wrapped with the cling wrap. A revolving 'heating' machine was placed above my head and treated it for 10mins. My hair was left 'cold' for another 5mins before washing. Last but not least, a neutraliser was used. I don't know what it actually does but after washing away the neutraliser, my hair was smooth. After another round of blow drying, I can still see my right side of the ends a little curl up but not as worse as before the process.

                            I still think my hair looks way better than before. It still has the volume but the curls are little dry though. I was recommend to use Keratase Oleo Relax shampoo and a smaller version of the leave in conditioner as my hair was thick and dry. The original bottle of Oleo Relax leave on conditioner was actually meant for fine hair. I didn't get any hair products as I still have quite some hair products to finish.

                            Damage: $180* (for 4 of 5 inches above bra length)
                            Cut: $55* (by senior hairstylist)
                            Time taken including haircut: 3hrs
                            *The above prices are stated without 5% GST.

                            # L'Oreal Ex-Tenson treatment (with Clipping) has a different price list which is more expensive.

                            Edit to add: Day 3, Hair is not as straight as I expected. I was told it can last for a month or two. Well, I think clipping would be better and more effective to straighten those natural curls at the hairends.
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                              Hi all,

                              As mentioned in the alternatives to rebonding thread, i love this Loreal Extenso treatment to bits. My hair isn't too stick happy about feels like your hair has had a good blow dry at a salon and i don't have to put tonnes of serum of my hair to calm it down anymore. Such a relief.

                              BTW..whats the difference between this and Supercuts soft straightening?